I need some help!
   This graduation page shows the list of names taken off of the "Official" PROGRAM FOR COMMENCEMENT.  However, I see some names missing, especially a set of five between Click and Cortez, so I'm including these missing five ***.  I'm almost certain these classmates graduated on this night and this was a program printing error. Let me know if I'm mistaken here.
   Until I get some official (or unofficial) help filling in all the graduates of the class of 1972, who were there that night, I will stick with the program for this page.  If you graduated, but was not listed in the program on that night because of a printing error, now is your chance to get it corrected.  Some of these classmates may have transferred out the later part of the year. Please let me know!  I need full names.
   I may even have to break down and contact the official archives of FSHS and get some "post official" listing of graduates.  I'm sorry about this, but I started this Website before I became aware that there might be some snags in the roster provided by the school.  Included immediately below are names of students with senior pictures, but were not listed on the commencement program.  Let me know if any of these classmates should be listed on the graduation program:

David Abbott, Gail Abston, Fran Elizabeth Woolfington Anderson, Karen Babb, Virginia Baldwin, Lynn Beach, Denise Pinto Duarte **, Pam Fitzhenry, Glenda Frye, Connie Gregg, Carol Carlson Harrison, Janet Hitch, Pamela Michael, Tom Morrison, Mary Walters Reed, Connie Skaggs, and Elizabeth Faye Wilson.

   Also, let me know if I left anyone out with a senior picture in the 72 Caldron, but not listed on the commencement program.

   The following is a list of classmates who graduated in 1972, but did not have senior pictures in the 72 Caldron:

Denis Ray Bolinger, Daphne Editha Henderson Foust, Dennis Lee Hibbard, Gregory Elroy Jacobs, Karen Kay Jenkins, Scott Lee Johnson, Jackie Wayne Kanatzer, James Lawson, Anthony Martin Mann, and Sandra Louise young Mellady.

Please keep in mind, these are not my errors, if there are any.  I'm merely trying to get them corrected for this Website!


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