Woodside 1st Grade - Mrs. Moore

 Front Row (left to right):
 Rodger Graves, ____________(?), Darrell Stinson, ____________(?), Shirley Horn(?), Laurie Wills(?), Jeff Woods, Kathy Chamness, Cindy Clark, Julie Sanders, ____________(?),  Ronny Evans.

 Second Row:
 Mr. Hampton (principal), ____________(?), ____________(?),  ____________(?), Jeff Bolen(?), Rick Parsons(?), Bill Zerfas(?), Vickie Major(?), Denise Viney(?), Kenny Wolf, ____________(?),  ____________(?), Mrs. Moore.

 Third Row:
 Bill Smart, ____________(?), Keith Colgrove, ____________(?),  Phil Bragg(?), Dick Montgomery(*), Jerry Howe(?), Joyce  Brooks, Bruce Thompson, Marc Hodges.

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