Woodside Kindergarten P.M. Grade - Mrs. Horner

 Top Row (left to right):
 Mr. Hampton (principal), Mrs. Horner, ____________(?),  Shirley Horn(?), Chuck Howe(*), Cindy Moore(?), Jerry
 Howe(*), ____________(?), Rick Parsons(*).

 Second Row:
 Linda Winget(?), Marty Roth(*), Linda Chittick,  Kathy Chamness(?), Mike Hall(?), Trudy Cannon(*).

 Third Row:
 Rodger Graves(*), ____________(?), Kenny Fisher, Marc Hodges,  ____________(?), Jeff Moore(?).

 Forth Row:
 Ray Wolfe(?), Jeff Woods, Karla Gorman, ____________(?), Pam  Bales(*), Jeff Bolen(*), Debbie Donoho(*), Phil Bragg(?),  Denise Viney(*).

 Bottom Row:
 John Gunyon(*), Ray Tony(*), Gary Woodruff, ____________(?).

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