Curt Day Picture Gallery

Congratulations to Alan Francis
on his record breaking

11th World Horseshoe Pitching Championship title
1989, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005

curt day with alan francis
July 1997 picture of Curt Day with Alan Francis and Jim McCombs, club President
Darke Co. Horseshoe Club, Greenville
(Lately, not as many people are calling the reverse 3/4 turn an "off turn"
thanks to the horseshoe pitching of Curt Day and Alan Francis)

Curt Day & Ed Sharp 1954
Curt Day & Ed Sharp in 1954
Curt Day won his first Indiana State Championship in 1953 pitching 77.1%
& Ed Sharp was Indiana State Champion in 1958 pitching 75.5%

Curt Day & Fernando Isais 1956?
Fernando Isais & Curt Day in Murray, Utah - (1956?)
Isais at this time was a 7 times World Champion (8th title won in 1958)
& if it was 1956, Curt Day finished 4th in his first World Championship pitching 77.0%

1962 top World Championship finshers
Ted Allen, Harold Reno, Paul Focht, Curt Day & Elmer Hohl - 1962 Greenville, Ohio
(one of the old guard, two of the present guards, and two of the future guards of the title)

1962 World Championship in Greenville, Ohio
1st Paul Focht Ohio 32-3 81.86%
2nd Curt Day Indiana 31-4 81.71%
3rd Elmer Hohl Ontario, Canada 30-5 83.09%
4th Harold Reno Ohio 30-5 81.76%
5th Ted Allen Colorado 30-5 80.52%
The 6th place finisher (not pictured above) was Ralph Maddox of West Virginia, 29-6, who also pitched 80.52%.  Six pitchers averaging over 80% in the 1962 World Championship.

From 1933 thru the 1959 World Championship (no championship was held in 1936, 37, 38, 39, 42, 43, 44, or 45), Ted Allen had won 10 World Titles and Fernando Isais had won 8 World Titles (only one man, Guy Zimmerman in 1954 had broken their hold on the title during these 27 years).

The 5 years from 1960 thru 1964 crowned 4 new champions in Don Titcomb (1960), Harold Reno (1961 & 1964), Paul Focht (1962) and John Monasmith (1963).  From 1965 thru 1975, Elmer Hohl would win the title 5 times, Curt Day would be champion 3 times and Dan Kuchcinski would grab the title 3 times in 4 years from 1967 thru 1970.  Carl Steinfeldt won the title in 1976 and Elmer Hohl came back to win his 6th and last World Champion title in 1977.

From 1978 up to the present time, the World Champions have been (in the order of their first title):  Walter Ray Williams, Jr. (6 titles), Mark Seibold (2 titles), Dale Lipovsky (3 titles), Jim Knisley (3 titles), Alan Francis (15 titles), Kevin Cone (1 title), and Brian Simmons (2 titles).

Elmer Hohl & Curt Day Jan. 1972
Elmer Hohl & Curt Day in January 1972
Both two-times World Champions at this point in time
and locking horns (or horseshoes) for a picture

world horseshoe pitching championship murray, utah
Murray, Utah (1956?) World Horseshoe Pitching Championship
Murray, Utah was home of the World Championship in 1947 and 1949 thru 1959; then again in 1966 when Curt Day won his first title pitching a record 86.6% average in the Championship finals and finishing 16-1 in the finals.  Curt pitched 86.2% and finished 10-1 in the preliminaries 12 men group.
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