Hall of Influence
Most Influential Writers in My Life

Robert J. Ringer
(philosopher/author & my mentor)
The man who taught me to understand politics and economics.
"Winning Through Intimidation" (1975 #2 Bestselling non-fiction),
"Looking Out For #1" (1977 #2 Bestselling non-fiction),
"Restoring the American Dream" (1979 #9 Bestselling non-fiction),
& "How You Can Find Happiness During the Collapse of Western Civilization"

"Restoring the American Dream" is the book
I wish every American could read at least once!
See my Letter #46 More Libertarians Than Many Realize for my mention of Robert J. Ringer.

order Robert Ringer's rewritten and retitled book
"To Be or Not To Be Intimidated?  That Is the Question."
"Learning how to defend yourself against
the intimidating tactics of others . . ."

Go to www.robertringer.com to learn more about his thoughts & views.
Mr. Ringer is presently presenting a Liberty Education Interview series where he interviews many of the nation's leading conservatives and libertarians.

Robert J. Ringer was to Libertarians in the late 70's
what Rush H. Limbaugh, III was to Conservatives in the 90's
--the popular voice of their philosophy!
Ringer used books, while Limbaugh uses books, newsletters and radio.

Rush H. Limbaugh, III
Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host & Author
Top Selling Books:  "The Way Things Ought To Be" & "See, I Told You So"
"The most dangerous man in America"
"Documented to be almost right; 97.9 percent of the time"
"Demonstrating absurdity by being absurd"
"The Epitome of Morality and Virtue"
"On the cutting edge of Societal Evolution"
"Behind the golden EIB microphone with talent on loan from God
and with half his brain tied behind his back--just to make it fair"
"Saying more in five seconds than most talk show hosts say in a whole show"
"Serving humanity as America's truth detector and teaching young skulls full of mush"
"Claiming that his show is the only healthful addiction in America"
"Enemy of Environmentalist Wackos, Feminists, Multiculturalists & liberals,
while calling himself 'just a harmless little fuzzball'"
Rush says, "Many feel that I need to be balanced with equal time. Wrong.
I am equal time."
See my Letter #32 Talk Radio Has Its Place
Rush Limbaugh is also mentioned in Letter #27 Bill Clinton is My Dad,
Letter #39 Many Americans Identify Themselves as Populists,
and Letter #52 Parties Really Not Much Different.

Ayn Rand (1905-1982)
Philosopher, author, and avowed atheist
Defender of Capitalism and founder of philosophy of Objectivism.
Ayn Rand was one of the influences on the philosophy of my mentor, Robert J. Ringer.
Rand rejected the political doctrines of conservatism and libertarianism. Her works
are studied more by libertarians than by conservatives, because of her blunt atheism.
Although she declared herself a capitalist, an individualist and an Objectivist,
Libertarians claim her as one of their own.

"Who is John Galt?
One has to read and absorb "Atlas Shrugged"
to find the answer to that question.

Top Selling Fictional Books -- "The Fountainhead" &

Atlas Shrugged book cover
"Atlas Shrugged" (1957 #10 Bestselling fiction),
"Anthem", "We the Living", "Night of January 16th".
Non-Fiction: "Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal",
"The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution",
"The Romantic Manifesto", "The Virture of Selfishness"
Books available from Laissez Faire Books
Their Internet Website is at www.laissezfaire.org
See my Letter #17 Speak Out Before It's Too Late for reference to Ayn Rand and some quotes.

Thomas Sowell
Economist and author
Thomas Sowell is a brilliant man, some would say bordering on genius. To read his writings, and especially
to hear him speak, is one of the most enlightening and refreshing experiences one can encounter in life.
(He understands reality as well as anyone I've ever learned from.) His hard work in his
chosen field of economics and the development of cultures in history is on the highest level of scholarship.
Following are a list of just some of his books (I believe he has written somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 books at this point in his life): "Knowledge & Decisions", "Inside American Education", "Is Reality Optional?" (collected essays), "Marxism", "The Vision of the Anointed", "The Economics and Politics of Race", "A Conflict of Visions", "Compassion vs. Guilt" (collected essays), "Ethnic America", and his cultural trilogy -- "Race and Culture", "Migrations & Cultures" and "Conquests and Cultures".  More recently, "The Quest For Cosmic Justice", Barbarians Inside the Gates & Other Controversial Essays" & "Controversial Essays" (both collected essays), "A Personal Odyssey" (memoirs), & "Basic Economics:  A Citizen's Guide to the Economy".

I can not say enough about my admiration for this great intellectual thinker!
See my Letter #42 Hearts Similar, Minds Differ for my comments on the
high regard I have for Thomas Sowell.

Thomas Sowell official website
Economist at the Hoover Institution
Stanford University; Standford, California

Thomas Sowell's books are available from Laissez Faire Books.
Their Internet Website is at www.laissezfaire.org

Ludwig von Mises
(the "greatest economist who ever lived"--in my opinion)
Mises was an exponent of what is called the Austrian School of Economics,
founded by Carl Menger (1840-1921) and continued
by his student Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk (1851-1914).
On this site read Mises' review of Bohm-Bawerk's book "Capital and Interest"
Mises advanced and built on his mentors' work and has since been
a strong influence on several American and European economists
over the years. Murray N. Rothbard was probably considered the top student of mises.
See my Letter #46 More Libertarians Than Many Realize for my mention of Murray N. Rothbard.
"Human Action", "The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality", Bureaucracy",
"The Theory of Money and Credit", "Omnipotent Government", "Planned Chaos",
"Planning for Freedom", "Socialism", & "Theory and History"
Books available from Laissez Faire Books
Their Internet Website is at www.laissezfaire.org

Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850)
French political economist and legislator
The Great 19th Century Economist: "The Law", "Economic Harmonies",
"Economic Sophisms", "Selected Essays on Political Economy".
Bastiat was one of the most gifted defenders of laissez-faire free trade in the 19th Century,
along with his British counterpart Richard Cobden.
Bastiat is probably best known
for his satirical 'Petition of the Candlemakers' (1845) in which the manufacturers of candles
plea for Parliament to pass a law forcing the shutting-up of all windows,
skylights, openings, holes, chinks, clefts and fissures through which the intolerable competition of the sun is bringing light inside houses free of charge, thus threatening to destroy a native industry affording employment directly and indirectly to thousands of people.
Bastiat used satire and irony
to expose the fallacies and sophistry of socialism and protectionism.
His booklet "The Law" is must reading for an introductory understanding of
political and economic freedom from the tyranny of socialism and socialists.
"The law perverted! And the police powers of the state perverted along with it!
The law, I say, not only turned from its proper purpose but made to follow an entirely
contrary purpose! The law become the weapon of every kind of greed!
Instead of checking crime, the law itself guilty of the evils it is supposed to punish!"
On this site read Bastiat's "Let Us Now Try Liberty"
On this site read Bastiat's various writings "On Liberty"
On this site read and print Bastiat quotes on business size cards
Books available from The Foundation for Economic Education
Their Internet Website is at www.fee.org

Lewis Sperry Chafer (1871-1952)
Theologian, Founder and First President of Dallas Theological Seminary
Professor of Systematic Theology since its beginning in 1924 until his death.
"He That is Spiritual", "Salvation", "Grace", "Satan", "True Evangelism",
"Major Bible Themes", & "Systematic Theology" (8 volume set).
Dr. Chafer is the man from whom I learned my theology.
(See bottom of my Theology Page for my comments
on Dr. Chafer and his influence in my life)
On this site read a poem by Lewis Sperry Chafer

Norman L. Geisler
Professor of Philosophy of Religion
One of the leading evangelical apologists of the 20th Century
Once taught Bible, Theology and Philosophy at Dallas Theological Seminary

"The Roots of Evil", "When Skeptics Ask", "When Critics Ask", "Christian Apologetics",
"Christian Ethics", "Introduction to Philosophy", "Philosophy of Religion",
"Apologetics in the New Age", "Worlds Apart", "The Battle for the Resurrection",
"Come, Let Us Reason Together", "Inerrancy", "Options in Contemporary Christian Ethics",
"Is Man the Measure", "The Creator in the Courtroom",
"Miracles and the Modern Mind", "Matters of Life and Death", "Gambling-A Bad Bet",
"The Reincarnation Sensation", "Popular Survey of the Old Testament",
& "A General Introduction to the Bible"
(A list of just some of the books of this prolific author--some written with a coauthor.)

Presently Dean & Professor of Theology and Apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary--www.ses.edu
B.A., Wheaton College; Th.B., William Tyndale College; M.A., Wheaton Graduate School;
Ph.D., Loyola University, Chicago, IL
See my Letter #60 Why Does Evil Exist? and my comments about Dr. Geisler

C. S. Lewis
(Clive Staples "Jack" Lewis)
Christian Apologist, author; 1898-1963

"I believe in Christianity
as I believe that the sun has risen,
not only because I see it,
but because by it I see everything else." - CS Lewis
See my Letter #60 Why Does Evil Exist?
for my mention of C. S. Lewis.
Also mentioned in Letter #13 Who Said What and When.

C. S. Lewis converted to Christianity during 1929-1931 period of his life.
Friend of contemporary writer J. R. R. Tolkien (author of "The Hobbit" & "Lord of the Rings")
Authored the children's fiction series "Chronicles of Narnia":
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (1950),
Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia (1951),
    The Voyage of the "Dawn Treader" (1952),
The Silver Chair (1953),
The Horse and His Boy (1954)
    The Magician's Nephew (1955),
    The Last Battle (1956).

    Some of his Adult fiction works:  The Great Divorce: A Drama (1945),
    Out of the Silent Planet (1938), Perelandra (1943),
    The Pilgrim's Regress: An Allegorical Apology for Christianity, Reason and Romanticism (1933),
    The Screwtape Letters (1942) [with Screwtape Proposes a Toast (1961)],
    That Hideous Strength (1945).

    Some of his nonfiction works:  The Abolition of Man (1943),
          Miracles (1947), The Four Loves (1960),
Mere Christianity (1952), The Problem of Pain (1940).

Other Influential and Interesting
Writers in My Life

Larry  Abraham      Gary  Allen      William M Alnor      John  Ankerberg      Oleg  Atbashian      Michelle  Bachman      Mike  Bara      Michael  Barone      Frederic Bastiat    Gary  Bates      Robert  Bauval      Glenn  Beck      Michael J Behe      Charles  Berlitz      James H Billington      David  Boaz      Neil Boortz     Brent  Bozell      Andrew  Breitbart      Tal  Brooke      Tammy  Bruce      Nick  Bryant      Pat  Buchanan      Edmund Burke    Larry  Burkett      Alan  Butler      Herman  Cain      Ben Carson      Lewis Sperry Chafer    Stephen  Chapman      Mona  Charen      Linda  Chavez      J R Church      Richard Cobden    Angelo M Codevilla      William  Cooper      Jerome R Corsi      Phillip J Corso, Col      Ann  Coulter      Monica  Crowley      Constance C Cumby      John Nelson Darby    John W DeCamp      Ed  Decker      Scott D DeHart      Michael  Denton      Mark  Dice      Brian  Doherty      Richard M Dolan      Dinesh  D'Souza      Christopher  Dunn      Mark  Eastman      Frank  Edwards      Larry  Elder      Douglas A  Elwell      Erick  Erickson      Chris B Evans      Joseph  Farah      Joseph P Farrell      Charles L. Feinberg    David  Flynn      Ted  Flynn      Steve  Forbes      Charles  Fort      Stanton T Friedman      Arno C. Gaebelein    Maggie  Gallagher      Robert  Gange, Dr      Norman L Geisler      Newt  Gingrich      Jamie  Glazov      Jonah  Goldberg      Bernard  Goldbert      Nicholas  Goodrick-Clark      F. W. Grant    Percy L. Greaves, Jr.    Paul  Greenberg      Des  Griffin      Greg  Gutfeld      Graham  Hancock      Sean  Hannity      F. A. Harper    Friedrich Hayek    Henry Hazlitt    Michael S Heiser      Patrick  Heron      Richard C Hoagland      Budd  Hopkins      Thomas  Horn      David  Horowitz      John  Hospers      Dave  Hunt      David  Icke      Philip J Imbrogno      Laura  Ingraham      H. A. Ironside    David M Jacobs, Ph D      Jeff  Jacoby      Grant R Jeffrey      Terence P Jeffrey      Phillip E Johnson      Alex  Jones      Joseph  Jordan      Len  Kasten      Leslie  Kean      John A  Keel      Alan  Keyes      Matt  Kibbe      Katie  Kieffer      Aaron  Klein     Edward Klein      Christopher  Knight      John P Koster      Charles  Krauthammer      Larry  Kudlow      David  Kupelian      Stanley  Kurtz      Donald  Lambro      Jamie  Lance      Rose Wilder Lane    Bob  Larson      Peter  Lavenda      Mark R Levin      Mark  Levy      C. S. Lewis    David Allen  Lewis      David  Limbaugh      Rush  Limbaugh      Robert  Lomas      Rich  Lowry      Alva J. McClain    J. Vernon McGee    John E Mack, MD      C. H. Mackintosh    Henry  Makow, MD      Michelle  Malkin      Guy  Malone      Jim  Marrs      Texe  Marrs      Malachi  Martin      Walter R Martin      Lynn A  Marzulli      Mychal  Massie      Jason  Mattera      Tom C McKenney      Michael  Medved      Carl Menger    Vincent P Miceli, Rev      Aime  Michel      Chuck  Missler      Stanley  Monteith, Dr      Stephen  Moore      William L Moore      Dick  Morris      Henry M Morris      William  Murchison      Charles  Murray      Andrew  Napolitano      Ronald H Nash      Chuck  Norris      Gary  North      Oliver  North      Marvin  Olasky      Sarah  Palin      Star  Parker      Isabel Paterson    Ron  Paul      Katie  Pavlich      G H Pember      J. Dwight Pentecost    Frank  Peretti      George N. H. Peters    Dennis  Prager      John  Price      Ayn Rand    Jenny  Randles      Trevor  Ravenscroft      Michael  Reagan      Nick  Redfern      Leonard E. Read    Robert J Ringer      Lew  Rockwell      Wayne Allyn Root      Lyle H Rossiter      Murray N. Rothbard    David  Ruffino      Paul  Ryan      Charles C. Ryrie    Debra J Saunders      Michael  Savage      Phyllis  Schlafly      C. I. Scofield    Hans F. Sennholtz    Ben  Shapiro      Jim  Shaw      Martin  Short      Renald E Showers      Robert  Shreckhise      D  Sklar      W Cleon  Skousen      Thomas  Sowell      Mark  Steyn      William T Still      E M Storms      John  Stossel      Whitney  Strieber      Antony C Sutton      Robert  Temple      Cal  Thomas      I D E  Thomas      Mac  Tonnies      Karla  Turner, Ph D      R Emmett  Tyrrell, Jr      Jacques  Vallee      J K  Van Baalen      Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk    Hilmar  Von Campe      Ludwig von Mises    John F. Walvoord    Henry Grady Weaver    Nesta H Webster      Jay  Weidner      Robert  Welch      John  Weldon      Allen  West      William J Whalen      George  Will       Armstrong  Williams      Walter E Williams      Clifford  Wilson, Dr      Richard  Wurmbrand

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