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Introduction to Jazz Jazz Jazz Jazz Jazz

If there was one style of music that I had neglected over the years of my life, it was jazz.  PBS had a series on the history of Jazz entitled Ken Burns Jazz:  The Story of America's Music.  The 10 episodes (lasting between 1-1/2 and 2 hours per episode were aired on PBS in the year 2000.  I failed to watch the series when it was on TV, but I made up for it by renting the 10 VHS tapes set from my own public library.  Most libraries should have this series of tapes.  More products from this television series are listed on the page Part II Jazz X5.

One weekend and 19 hours of video tapes later, I came away with a greater appreciation of jazz.  I am not an authority on jazz, by any means; but I know more about it today than I did before this special on the history of jazz was created.  The series has been criticized by some jazz afficionados.  No doubt it left out some of their favorite jazz musicians or jazz and swing numbers, or it simply emphasized musicians in a way that did not represent their own preferences, but as a general introduction to this family of music, I give the series very high marks.  I would recommend it to anyone who loves music, but has failed to give jazz a fair hearing.  The similarities to classical music are obvious.  The basic group of jazz musicians are generally a quartet, but trios are not uncommon.  A quartet will usually be made up of a trumpet player, a saxophone player (alto, tenor, or soprano), a piano player and a drummer (a bass musician might be in place of the trumpet or sax?).  A quintet might include a double bass or bass player as well as trumpet, sax, piano and drums.

The big band era, evolving from the early jazz movement in America was roughly between the years of 1935 to 1946 (some use the years 1936 to 1945).  The swing jazz bands were bigger orchestrated bands from the earlier smaller jazz bands (more like the bigger sound of a classical symphony orchestra).  A few big band leaders would be Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw and of course Duke Ellington.  Duke Ellington, a real enduring music genius in American jazz history, was one of the band leaders to carry his bands through several decades and adapt to the change in musical tastes of Americans.  Louis Armstrong (trumpeter and vocalist) was another man who was there in the early years of jazz, and passing away in 1971, had lived through the glory years of jazz.  It has been said that during the mid-30's to mid-40's, 70% or so of music sales were the music of jazz swing.  While today the figure would be more like 3% of music sales for jazz.

Some explanations for this sharp drop would be the birth of rock and roll in the mid-50's.  Before rock came on the scene, swing vocalists like Frank Sinatra were captivating the listening audience and taking the emphasis away from the instrumentalists behind them.  Even some jazz listeners began to favor Rythmn and Blues.  Rap music has also been thrown into the mix for the affections of young people in the 90's and beyond.  In 1975, the famous jazz trumpet player Miles Davis himself even made the statement that "jazz is dead!"  Blood, Sweat & Tears, Chicago and Jethro Tull were some of the rock groups using wind instruments with a jazz sound in their rock music.  Miles Davis saw the trend to rock's favor among the youth.  In 1969, Miles Davis put out his album "In A Silent Way" showing that rock's electric instruments did not have to take over from the jazz sound, but could compliment jazz in what Davis and some other jazz artists called Fusion Jazz/Rock (jazz fused with rock).  Miles Davis carried this fusion to its fullness with his album "Bitches Brew".  Davis began moving into Funk and R&B.

Before Miles Davis "compromised" his jazz (as some jazz listeners would say), he worked with some great jazz artists over his early career to create some of the highlight works of jazz.  If you have read to this point and don't think you could make it through the Ken Burns series on Jazz:  The Story of America's Music--19 hours of viewing--then go to your local library and rent the landmark Miles Davis album "Kind Of Blue".  If your library doesn't have it, then save up $10 and purchase a new copy for keeps.  You can always get it out and put it on whenever you have a jazz lover over for dinner.  And you will always be able to say you have at least one great jazz album in your music collection.  Look at the line-up of jazz musicians on this one landmark album made in 1959 . . .


"Kind Of Blue" Album

Who are the Jazz Musicians On "Kind Of Blue"
Miles Davis on trumpet 
John Coltrane on tenor saxophone 
Bill Evans on piano 
Paul Chambers on bass
Jimmy Cobb on drums 
Julian "Cannonball" Adderley on alto saxophone (except for one work) 
Wynton Kelly on piano (on one work)

Album Tracks:  1) So What 9:22; 2) Freddie Freeloader 9:46; 3) Blue In Green 5:37; 4) All Blues 11:33; 5) Flamenco Sketches 9:26
(1997 Sony/Columbia/Legacy reissue includes bonus alternate take of track 5)

An excerpt of "So What" is featured in the Cafeteria scene in the movie "Pleasantville" along with an excerpt of Dave Brubeck's famous "Take Five" number from his album "Time Out".  "Take Five" is played about 50 minutes into the movie--followed by "So What".  See credits at the very end of the credit listings after the movie. 
The Quickest way to hear some of "Kind Of Blue" and "Take Five" is to check it out at NPR 100--link lead on the page Part II Jazz X5.

After listening to this one album, if you are not totally KNOCKED-OUT and think the album is OUT OF THIS WORLD by the sounds you hear, then you may be an ICKIE (a person who is totally oblivious to swing).  In other words if "Kind of Blue" doesn't SEND you, then stick to LONG HAIRED music, because you might just be a SQUARE!  But if you feel it's really GROOVY to listen to some of the HOT LICKS (impressive solos) of some of the CATS while they are KICKING OUT, then jazz & swing might be for you.

This web page is not meant to be an exhaustive coverage of jazz and swing music.  I only want to cover some of the major bands, instrumentalists and singers.  I am listing some of their best albums in order to give the jazz & swing novice a good place to begin appreciating this kind of music.  Some of these artists and album selections can be found at your local library.  I chose my Giants of Jazz list from watching the Ken Burns Jazz series and some reading and listening I've done since then.

Jazz Guides

For the albums suggestions, I rely on a combination of the information gathered from the All Music Guide To Jazz (AMG), The Penguin Guide To Jazz,  and All-Time Top 1000 Albums-written by Colin Larkin.  Another fine guide is Musichound Jazz: The Essential Album Guide. Of course, these books all go into detail about each album.  I'm only scratching the surface using them for references to top albums suggestions!  I'm not allowed to reproduce any of their materials, so I've only been able to use them as guides for my suggestions. You would have to rent or buy these books to GET THE INSIDE ON THE JAZZ MUSICIANS AND THEIR ALBUMS AND HOW EACH GUIDE RATES THEM!  See advice on how to buy Jazz on the pagePart II Jazz X5.


* Introduction * Kind of Blue * Jazz Guides * Giants of Jazz *
* Miles Davis * John Coltrane * Charlie Parker * Louis Armstrong * Duke Ellington *
* Select Jazz Musicians * The Jazz SingersOther Popular Jazz Musicians & Albums *
* Great Jazz Variety Samplers * Part II Jazz X5 (on another page) *

You can't go wrong if you begin with some of the works of the
Giants of Jazz
Some other musicians could have been on this short list,
but these jazz musicians should be on everyone's long list!

Miles Davis -trumpet
John Coltrane -tenor saxophone (& soprano sax)
Charlie "Bird" Parker -alto saxophone
Louis Armstrong -trumpet, cornet & singer
Duke Ellington -band leader, composer & piano
Charles Mingus -bass
Thelonious Monk -piano
Count Basie -band leader & piano
Dizzy Gillespie -trumpet
Sonny Rollins -tenor saxophone
Bill Evans -piano
Ella Fitzgerald -singer
Billie Holiday -singer

Jazz instrumentalists have recorded works with each other in various bands.  Some of their greatest pieces may be when they were in another jazz artist's band, before they formed their own band.  Once they achieve stardom, most went on to form their own bands and continued with fine works in their own bands.

After hearing Miles Davis monumental album "Kind Of Blue" from my local library and seeing that so many Miles Davis albums are at the top of most every jazz listeners list of favorites; I have started with his works and four other Giants of Jazz (Trane, Bird, Satchmo, and the Duke).  This listing is followed by Select Jazz Musicians, beginning with some suggested albums of Charles Mingus--fast becoming one of my own personal favorite jazz musicians.  The last section listing albums of the giants is The Jazz Singers; listing suggested albums of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday:


Miles Davis

Miles Davis -trumpet
Suggested Albums
Kind of Blue
Birth of the Cool
Sketches of Spain
Miles Smiles
Miles Ahead
Porgy and Bess 
Round About Midnight
Someday My Prince Will Come

The Essential Miles Davis
(--Recent 2 CDs Compilation--)
(Good overview introduction to the music of Miles)

(--Rock Fusion albums--)
In A Silent Way
Bitches Brew

The Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel 1965

Miles Davis & Thelonious Monk: Live At Newport 1958
Complete Columbia Recordings: Miles Davis with John Coltrane, 1955-1961
Miles In Antibes
The Complete Concert 1964 (includes "My Funny Valentine" and "Four & More" albums combined)
Miles Davis & Gil Evans: Complete Columbia Studio Sessions
Panthalassa: The Music of Miles Davis 1969-74
Chronicle:  The Complete Prestige Recordings (1951-56)
L'Ascenseur Pour t'echafaud (soundtrack)
A Tribute to Jack Johnson (soundtrack)
Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants
The Blue Note and Capitol Recordings
Seven Steps to Heaven

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John Coltrane

John Coltrane -saxophone
Suggested Albums
A Love Supreme
Blue Train
Giant Steps
My Favorite Things
Coltrane Jazz

("Ascension" is chaotic "free jazz"--not for everyone)
The Major Works of John Coltrane
("The Major Works" includes two versions of "Ascension"
and 3 other free jazz pieces)
Coltrane's Sound
Coltrane Plays the Blues
The Heavy Weight Champion (the Complete Atlantic Recordings -- 7 CDs)
The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings
Live At the Village Vanguard: The Master Takes
Afro-Blue Impressions
Sun Ship

First Meditations
Live At the Village Vanguard Again!
The Classic Quartet: The Complete Impulse! Studio Recordings
Interstellar Space
Africa/Brass vol. 1 & 2
Very Best Of John Coltrane - Atlantic Recordings
John Coltrane: The Prestige Recordings
Live at Birdland
The European Tour
Legacy (Impulse) - 4 CDs
several labels recordings: Prestige, Blue Note, Atlantic, & Impulse!

(--Atlantic/Rhino 2 CDs Compilation--)
The Last Giant:  John Coltrane Anthology

(Recommended if looking for only one 2 CDs compilation work by Trane--some would argue that the 1 CD Very Best Of John Coltrane- Atlantic Recordings would be better--otherwise jazz listeners would tell you to start with some complete album work by Trane like "Giant Steps")
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Charlie Parker

Charlie "Bird" Parker -saxophone
Suggested Albums
Yardbird Suite:  The Ultimate Charlie Parker Collection
(--2 CDs Compilation--)
(For the most economical investment to find out what Bird's music sounds like without investing in multiple CD packages, which true jazz afficionados would do in an instant!  This 2 CDs collection is highly recommended as an intro, taking tracks from all his labels.)

Complete Savoy & Dial Master Takes
--3 CDs Master take only on each piece--
Confirmation: Best of the Verve Recordings
(2CDs of the best of the Verve sessions-excellent!)Charlie Parker on Dial vol. 1-6
The Complete Savoy Sessions
The Charlie Parker Story
Charlie Parker Memorial: Volume 1
Charlie Parker Memorial: Volume 2

Bird: The Complete Charlie Parker On Verve
The Complete Dean Benedetti Recordings
Bird's Best Bop
Swedish Schnapps
Bird: The Original Recordings of Charlie Parker
Now's the Time
The Bird Returns
Bird and Fats - Live At Birdland
The Quintet/Jazz At Massey Hall
Charlie Paker At Storyville
Legendary Dial Masters: vol. 1 & 2
Bird at the Roost: Vol. 1
Bird at the Roost: Vol. 2
Bird at the Roost: Vol. 3
Charlie Parker with Strings: The Master Takes
Bird & Diz
Jazz at Massey Hall
The Genius Of Charlie Parker
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Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong
-trumpet, cornet & singer
Suggested Albums
Hot Fives and Hot Sevens vol. 1-7
(These are Armstrong's early works with his five and seven member bands.  I've been advised that the JSP 4 CDs box set collection is more economical and satisfying than the Columbia set)

Louis Armstrong Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 1923-1934 (4 CDs)
(Good selection of his early works, with many of the Hot Fives & Hot Seven tracks on this collection)

The 25 Greatest Hot Fives and Hot Sevens

The Louis Armstrong Story 1-7
released 1988 (1925-1931 recordings)
rated #931 in All-Time Top 1000 Albums
written by Colin Larkin
Louis Armstrong 1926-1927
Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra 1928-1929
Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra 1929-1930
Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra 1930-1931
Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra 1931-1932
Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra 1932-1933
Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra 1934-1936
Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra 1937-1938
Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra 1944-1946
Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra 1947
The California Concerts
Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington:  The Complete Sessions
Louis Armstrong & Earl Hines
Plays Fats
Ella and Louis
Complete RCA Victor Recordings
Satchmo at Symphony Hall
Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy

Any Satchmo album will give hours of listening pleasure to one who has an appreciation of the early sound of jazz.  Your local library will most likely have a selection of pop's music to take out.

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Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington -band leader, piano
Suggested Albums
The Blanton-Webster Band (or Years)
Money Jungle
Ellington Indigos
 Ellington At Newport 1956 (Complete)
Braggin' In Brass
Carnegie Hall Concerts: 1943-1947
Black Brown & Beige
Drum Is A Woman
Duke Ellington & John Coltrane
Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins
And His Mother Called Him Bill
Great Paris Concert
New Orleans Suite
The Piano Album

The Brunswick Sessions 1932-1935 Vol. 3
The Duke's Men: Small Groups, Vol. 1
The Complete Capitol Recordings of Duke Ellington
Three Suites  (classical music as jazz)
First Time! The Count Meets the Duke
The Far East Suite (Special Mix)
Seventieth Birthday Concert
The Duke's Big Four
Such Sweet Thunder

(--3 CDs Compilation--)
THE DUKE Duke Ellington The Essential Collection 1927-1962 Duke 100 Years Sony/Columbia/Legacy 

(According to nearly all sources, one can't go wrong with just about any of the Duke's recordings.)

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Select Jazz Musicians

Charles Mingus -bass
Suggested Albums
The Black Saint & the Sinner Lady
Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus (or MingusX5)
Mingus Ah Um
Thirteen Pictures:  The Charles Mingus Anthology (2 CDs compilation)
Pithecanthropus Erectus
Mingus At Antibes
Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus
Passions of A Man: The Complete Atlantic Recordings (1956-1961)  (6 CDs)
Complete Candid Recordings
The Complete Debut Recordings
Town Hall Concert 1964
Oh Yeah
The Clown
Blues and Roots
Mingus Dynasty
The Great Concert of Charles Mingus
New Tijuana Moods
Jazz Portraits
Astral Weeks
(several additional albums could be listed here for this musical genius)
Thelonious Monk -piano
Suggested Albums
Genius of Modern Music vol. 1
Genius of Modern Music vol. 2
Monk's Greatest Hits
Thelonious With John Coltrane
Brilliant Corners
Monk's Music
Complete Riverside Recordings
The Complete Blue Note Recordings
The Best Of Thelonious Monk:  The Blue Note Years
Thelonious Monk Trio/Blue Monk: Volume 2
Thelonious Alone In San Fransciso
Live At the It Club - Complete
Monk Alone: The Complete Columbia Solo Studio Recordings, 1962-1968
Complete Black Lion & Vogue
Plays Duke Ellington
Discovery! At the Five Spot
The Thelonious Monk Orchestra at Town Hall
Big Band and Quartet in Concert
Solo Monk
Thelonious Himself
Count Basie -band leader
Suggested Albums
The Complete Atomic Basie (Original title: Atomic Mr. Basie)
April In Paris
Basie & Kansas City 7
The Complete Decca Recordings (1937-1939)
Listen...You Shall Hear
Do You Wanna Jump...?
Basie Rhythm
Count Basie Volume One 1932-1938
Count Basie 1936-1938
Count Basie 1938-39
Count Basie Swings, Joe Williams Sings
The Golden Years
Old Manuscripts, Broadcast Transcriptions (1944-45)
Count Basie at Newport
The Complete Roulette Studio Count Basie
Basie and Eckstine, Inc.
Basie at Birdland
Count Basie in Sweden
Basie and Zoot
Dizzy Gillespie -trumpet
Suggested Albums
The Complete RCA Victor Recordings 1937-1949
Birks Works: Verve Big Band Sessions
Gillespiana/Carnegie Hall Concert
Dizzy Gillespie & Roy Eldridge
Greatest Jazz Concert Ever 1953
Groovin' High
Shaw Nuff
One Bass Hit
Dizzy Gillespie and His Big Band
Dizzy Gillespie in Paris, Vol. 2
Diz and Getz
At Newport
Sonny Side Up
Dizzy Gillespie: Ken Burns Jazz Series
Diz 'N Bird at Carnegia Hall
(good variety of works)
Sonny Rollins -tenor saxophone
Suggested Albums
Saxophone Colossus
(" Saxophone Colossus & More" has some extra bonus tracks)
Sonny Rollins Volume 2
A Night At the Village Vanguard
The Complete Prestige Recordings
The Complete RCA Victor Recordings
Tenor Madness
Tour De Force
Newk's Time
Silver City
Sonny Rollins Plus Four
Sonny Rollins Plus Three
The Complete Blue NoteRecordings
Way Out West
Freedom Suite
The Bridge
On the Outside
Alfie: the Movie Soundtrack
East Broadway Rundown
Bill Evans -piano
Suggested Albums
Waltz For Debby
Sunday At the Village Vanguard (1961)
The Final Vanguard Sessions (1980)
Bill Evans At Town Hall
Complete Fantasy Recordings
Riverside Recordings
Everybody Digs Bill Evans
Portrait In Jazz
At the Village Vanguard
How My Heart Sings
The Solo Sessions Vol. 1
Town Hall Concert 1964
The Complete Bill Evans On Verve
Conversations With Myself
Paris (1965)
But Beautiful
Blue In Green
The Brilliant

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The Jazz Singers

Ella Fitzgerald -singer
Suggested Albums
Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Cole Porter Songbook
The George and Ira Gershwin Songbook
Ella & Louis
Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Rodgers and Hart Songbook
Like Someone In Love
Sings the Duke Ellington Songbook
The Irving Berlin Songbook
Johnny Mercer Songbook
Pure Ella
Best of the Songbooks
The Complete Songbooks
Ella Swings Lightly
Ella Fitzgerald: Ken Burns Jazz Series
For the Love of Ella
Billie Holiday -singer
Suggested Albums
Lady In Autumn
Lady In Satin
Billie's Blues
Complete Decca Recordings
Legacy 1933-1958
The Quintessential Billie Holiday vol. 3 1936-37
The Quintessential Billie Holiday vol. 4 1937
Billie's Love Songs
All Or Nothing At All
Songs For Distingue Lovers
First Issues:  The Great American Songbook
The Complete Billie Holiday On Verve 1945-1959
Billie Holiday: Ken Burns Jazz Series
Billie Holiday:  Lady Day's 25 Greatest 1933-1944

Other Popular Jazz Musicians & Albums

George Benson 1943 (guitar, singer)
George Benson – Breezin’
George Benson - Best of George Benson
Dave Brubeck 1920 (piano)
Dave Brubeck – Time Out 
Dave Brubeck - Jazz At Oberlin 
Dave Brubeck - Live 
     At Berlin Philharmonie 
Dave Brubeck - Once When 
     I Was Very Young 
Dave Brubeck  - Time Signatures: 
     A Career Retrospective 4 CDs 
Kenny Burrell 1931 (guitar)
Kenny Burrell – Midnight Blue
Kenny Burrell – Kenny Burrell
     & John Coltrane
Kenny Burrell – Ellington Is
     Forever Vols. 1 & 2
Kenny Burrell – Bluesy Burrell
Betty Carter 1930-1998 (singer)
Betty Carter – The Audience 
     With Betty Carter 
Betty Carter - Ray Charles 
     & Betty Carter 
Ornette Coleman 1930 (saxophone, trumpet)
Ornette Coleman – The Shape of
     Jazz To Come
Ornette Coleman – Beauty Is A Rare Thing
Ornette Coleman – Tomorrow
     Is the Question
Ornette Coleman – Art Of the Improvisers
Ornette Coleman – Body Mega
Ornette Coleman – Colors
Ornette Coleman – Change of the Century
Ornette Coleman – Free Jazz
Ornette Coleman – At the Golden
     Circle, Stockholm: Vols. 1 & 2
Ornette Coleman – Soapsuds, Soapsuds
Chick Corea 1941 (piano, keyboards, composer)
Chick Corea – Akoustic Band 
Chick Corea – Return To Forever 
Chick Corea – Crystal Silence 
Chick Corea – Tones For Joan's Bones 
Chick Corea – Trio Music Live In Europe
Chick Corea – Now He Sings, 
     Now He Sobs 
Chick Corea – Songs Of Singing 
Chick Corea – Light As A Feather 
Chick Corea – Jazz Masters 3 
Chick Corea – Music Forever and 
     Beyond: Selected Works of 
     Chick Corea 1964-1996 
Chick Corea – Origin: Live 
     At the Blue Note 
Eric Dolphy 1928-1964 (saxophone, clarinet, flute)
Eric Dolphy – Out To Lunch!
Eric Dolphy – At the Five Spot Vol. 1
Eric Dolphy – At the Five Spot Vol. 2
Eric Dolphy – Great Concert
     of Eric Dolphy
Eric Dolphy – Memorial Album
Eric Dolphy – Complete
     Prestige Recordings
Eric Dolphy – Far Cry
Gil Evans 1912-1988 (piano, arranger, composer)
Gil Evans – Out of the Cool 
Gil Evans – Live At Sweet Basil 
     Vols. 1 & 2 
Erroll Garner 1926-1977 (piano, harpsichord)
Erroll Garner – Concert By the Sea
Erroll Garner – The Erroll Garner
     Collection Vols. 4 & 5: Solo Time!
Erroll Garner – Contrasts
Stan Getz 1927-1991 (saxophone)
Stan Getz – Jazz Samba 
Stan Getz – Complete Roost Recordings 
Stan Getz – Getz / Gilberto 
Stan Getz – Bossa Nova Years 
     (Girl From Ipanema) 
Stan Getz – At the Shrine 
Stan Getz – West Coast Sessions 
Stan Getz – West Coast Jazz 
Stan Getz – The Steamer 
Stan Getz – Nobody Else But Me 
Stan Getz – Focus 
Stan Getz – Pure Getz 
Stan Getz – Blue Skies 
Stan Getz – Anniversary 
Stan Getz – Serenity 
Stan Getz – At the Opera House 
Benny Goodman 1909-1986 (clarinet)
Benny Goodman – Complete
    Benny Goodman vol. 1-7
Benny Goodman – Sing, Sing, Sing
Benny Goodman – Sextet Featuring
     Charlie Christian
Benny Goodman – After You've
     Gone Vol. 1
Benny Goodman – Harry James
     Years Vols. 1 & 2
Benny Goodman – At Carnegie Hall
     1938 Complete
Benny Goodman – Plays Fletcher
Benny Goodman – Plays Jimmy Mundy
Benny Goodman – The Complete
     Small Group Sessions
Benny Goodman – Solo Flight
Benny Goodman – Roll 'Em!
Benny Goodman – Undercurrent Blues
Benny Goodman – Benny Goodman
     In Hi Fi
Benny Goodman – The Complete
     Capitol Trios
Benny Goodman – On the Air 1937-38
Dexter Gordon 1923-1989 (saxophone)
Dexter Gordon – Our Man In Paris 
Dexter Gordon – Homecoming 
Dexter Gordon – Dexter Gordon 
     On Dial: The Complete Sessions 
Dexter Gordon – Doin' Alright 
Dexter Gordon – More Than You Know 
Dexter Gordon – Go 
Dexter Gordon – Both Sides of Midnight
Herbie Hancock 1940 (piano, keyboards)
Herbie Hancock – Maiden Voyage
Herbie Hancock – Head Hunters
Herbie Hancock – Mwandishi
Herbie Hancock – Best of Herbie
     Hancock (Blue Note Years)
Herbie Hancock – Empyrian Isles
Herbie Hancock – The Complete
     Blue Note Sixties Sessions
Herbie Hancock – Sextant
Coleman Hawkins 1901-1969 (saxophone, singer)
Coleman Hawkins – Body and Soul 
Coleman Hawkins – Coleman 
     Hawkins On Keynote 
Coleman Hawkins – The Big Three 
Coleman Hawkins – Coleman Hawkins 
Coleman Hawkins – Coleman Hawkins 
Coleman Hawkins – Coleman Hawkins 
     In Europe 
Coleman Hawkins – The Complete 
     Coleman Hawkins 4 CDs (Mercury) 
Coleman Hawkins – Coleman Hawkins 
Coleman Hawkins – Coleman Hawkins 
     Encounters Ben Webster 
Coleman Hawkins – The Hawk Flies High 
Coleman Hawkins – Today and Now 
Coleman Hawkins – Ultimate Coleman Hawkins 
     Selected by Sonny Rollins 
Keith Jarrett 1945 (piano, organ saxophone, etc.)
Keith Jarrett – The Koln Concert
Keith Jarrett – Facing You
Keith Jarrett – Belonging
Keith Jarrett – Standards vol. 1
Keith Jarrett – Nude Ants
Keith Jarrett – Life Between the
     Exit Signs / El Juicio
Keith Jarrett – El Juicio (The Judgement)
Keith Jarrett – Foundations:
     The Keith Jarrett Anthology
Keith Jarrett – Expectations
Keith Jarrett – Mysteries:
     The Impulse Years 1975-1976
Keith Jarrett – The Cure
Keith Jarrett – At the Blue Note:
     The Complete Recordings 6 CDs
Keith Jarrett – The Melody
     At Night With You
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (group)
Lambert, Hendricks and Ross 
     – Hottest New Group In Jazz 
Lambert, Hendricks and Ross 
     - Sing A Song of Basie 
Pat Methany 1954 (guitar)
Pat Methany – Travels
Pat Methany – Offramp
Pat Methany – 80/81
Pat Methany – Rejoicing
Pat Methany – Song X
Lee Morgan 1938-1972 (trumpet)
Lee Morgan – The Sidewinder 
Lee Morgan – Best of Lee Morgan 
Lee Morgan – Search For the New Land 
Lee Morgan – Live At the 
     Lighthouse 3 CDs 
Lee Morgan – Cornbread 
Gerry Mulligan 1927-1996 (saxophone, piano)
Gerry Mulligan and Ben Webster
     – Gerry Mulligan Meets Ben Webster
Gerry Mulligan – Pacific Jazz
     and Capitol Recordings
Gerry Mulligan – Mulligan Plays Mulligan
Gerry Mulligan – Jeru
Gerry Mulligan – The Original Quartet
Gerry Mulligan – What Is There To Say?
Gerry Mulligan – The Age of Steam
Gerry Mulligan – Best of Gerry Mulligan Quartet
     with Chet Baker
Gerry Mulligan – Mullenium
Oliver Nelson 1932-1975 (saxophone, clarinet)
Oliver Nelson – Blues and 
     the Abstract Truth 
Oliver Nelson – Stolen Moments 
Horace Silver 1928 (piano)
Horace Silver Quintet – Song
     For My Father
Horace Silver – Best of
     Horace Silver Vols. 1 & 2
Horace Silver – With Jazz Messengers
Horace Silver – The Jody Grind
Horace Silver – Re-Entry
Horace Silver – Retrospective 4 CDs
Horace Silver – Blowin' the Blues Away
Jimmy Smith 1925 (organ)
Jimmy Smith – Organ Grinder Swing
Jimmy Smith – Got My Mojo Workin'
Jimmy Smith – Back At the Chicken Shack
Jimmy Smith – Sermon
Jimmy Smith – Best of Capitol
Jimmy Smith – Groovin'
     At Small's Paradise
Jimmy Smith – Bashin'
Jimmy Smith – Midnight Special
Martin Taylor 1956 (guitar)
Martin Taylor – Spirit of DJango
Martin Taylor – Gold
Weather Report (group)
Weather Report – Heavy Weather
Weather Report – I Sing the Body Electric
Weather Report – I Live In Tokyo
Weather Report – Mysterious Traveller
Weather Report – Black Market
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Great Jazz Variety Samplers
The following would be my pick of over 4 hours of great jazz numbers

Jazz Hits of the Giants

1  Take Five – Dave Brubeck (piano); Paul Desmond (saxophone) 
2  Ko Ko – Charlie “Bird” Parker (saxophone);  Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet)
3  Sing, Sing, Sing – Benny Goodman (clarinet); Gene Krupa (drums) 
4  ‘Round Midnight – Thelonious Monk (piano)
5  Body & Soul – Coleman Hawkins (saxophone) 
6  So What (from “Kind Of Blue”) - Miles Davis (trumpet); John Coltrane (tenor saxophone); Bill Evans (piano);“Canonball” Adderley (alto saxophone)
7  Aknowledgment (from “A Love Supreme”) - John Coltrane (saxophone) 
8  Take the A Train – Duke Ellington (piano / band leader); Johnny Hodges (alto saxophone); Ben Webster (tenor saxophone)
9  A-Tisket A-Tasket – Ella Fitzgerald (singer); Chick Webb (drums) 
10  In the Mood – Glenn Miller (trombone)
11  West End Blues – Louis Armstrong (trumpet / singer) 
12  Mood Indigo – Duke Ellington (piano / band leader); Johnny Hodges (saxophone)
13  One O’Clock Jump – Count Basie (piano / band leader) 
14  Fine and Mellow – Billie Holiday (singer)
15  Salt Peanuts – Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet); Charlie “Bird” Parker (saxophone) 
16  St. Thomas – Sonny Rollins (saxophone)
17  Better Git It In Your Soul – Charles Mingus (bass) 
18  Waltz For Debby (live) - Bill Evans (piano)

Groovy Jazz Hits

1  Mister Magic – Grover Washington, Jr. (saxophone) 
2  My Favorite Things – John Coltrane (soprano sax)
3  In A Sentimental Mood – John Coltrane (saxophone); Duke Ellington (piano) 
4  Desafinado – Stan Getz (saxophone); Charlie Byrd (guitar)
5  Drum Boogie – Gene Krupa (drums) 
6  Giant Steps – John Coltrane (saxophone)
7  Naima – John Coltrane (saxophone) 
8  Jumpin’ At the Woodside – Count Basie (piano / band leader); Lester Young (tenor saxophone)
9  Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Louis Armstrong (trumpet, singer) 
10  It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)- Duke Ellington (piano / band leader); Johnny Hodges (saxophone)
11  Someday My Prince Will Come – Miles Davis (trumpet); John Coltrane (saxophone); Hank Mobley (saxophone) 
12  Heebie Jeebies – Louis Armstrong (cornet, singer)
13  Blue Rondo A La Turk – Dave Brubeck (piano); Paul Desmond (saxophone) 
14  Straight, No Chaser – Thelonious Monk (piano); Art Blakey (drums)
15  Fables Of Faubus – Charles Mingus (bass) 
16  What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong (singer)
17  Manteca – Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet) 

Cool Jazz Hits

1 A Night In Tunesia – Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet) 
2 Stardust – Louis Armstrong (trumpet, singer)
3 Django – Modern Jazz Quartet; with John Lewis (piano); Milt Jackson (vibraphone) 
4 Embraceable You – Charlie “Bird” Parker (saxophone); Miles Davis (trumpet); Max Roach (drums)
5 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat – Charles Mingus (bass) 
6 Two Bass Hit – Miles Davis (trumpet); John Coltrane (saxophone);  Paul Chambers (bass); Red Garland (piano)
7 Epistrophy – Thelonious Monk (piano); Milt Jackson (vibraphone) 
8 Confirmation – Charlie Parker (saxophone); Max Roach (drums)
9 Tanya – Dexter Gordon (saxophone) 
10 Bemsha Swing – Thelonious Monk (piano)
11 The Sidewinder – Lee Morgan (trumpet); Barry Harris (piano); Joe Henderson (saxophone); Billy Higgins (drums); Ben Crenshaw (b) 
12 King Porter Stomp – Benny Goodman (clarinet); Gene Krupa (drums)
13 Groovin’ High – Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet); Charlie “Bird” Parker (saxophone) 
14 Yardbird Suite – Charlie Parker (saxophone); Miles Davis (trumpet)
15 Bye Bye Blackbird – Miles Davis (trumpet); John Coltrane (saxophone); Paul Chambers (bass); Red Garland (piano) 
16 Emily – Bill Evans (piano); Eddie Gomez (bass)
17 Get Happy – Bud Powell (piano); Max Roach (drums) 
18 They Can’t Take That Away From Me – Sarah Vaughn (singer)
19 Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars) – Stan Getz (saxophone); Astrud Gilberto (singer) 
20 Rockit – Herbie Hancock (Fairlight CMI)
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