We Need More Open Conversations

The solution to the Ollie North episode in America's history is very simple. Give him a life sentence in prison for lying to and carrying out a campaign against two groups of people in the world who should be shown much greater respect than they seem to be getting this day and age.

On the third day of his prison term, a surprise party of men should open his cell, tie his hands behind his back, blindfold him, and militarily march him out into the courtyard to be executed. A dozen military assault rifles should be passed out to randomly selected men, representing the two groups of people in the world that Ollie North and his covert operations have most damaged -- namely, the Communists and Democrats.

Six Communists and six Democrats should take aim and, on live television, show the people of this great nation what fate awaits anyone who opposes the current foreign policy objectives of America. After the swift and sure execution, liberals in our news media should then run specials showing the living hell that Communists and Democrats went through because of this one man, who climbed right out of the turn-of-the-century era when America opposed the kinds of policies a majority of her congressmen now endorse.

After these liberal news specials run their course, for a month or two or longer, then the people will all be awake to the dangers that a loose cannon like North can cause to Communists and Democrats in America and the world over.

The writer of this letter wants to point out that the people who champion the Olie Norths of the world are the same people who are found opposing Communists and Democrats on every policy move either group wants to make. For instance, these "Ollie" types think law-abiding citizens (whatever they mean by that), and especially women, should be armed to the teeth with guns to protect themselves from the men who are let out early from our prisons on good behavior. Some of these ex-prisoners lose their lives because armed women "shoot first and ask questions later," when one of these gentlemen "apparently" attacks them, so much for law-abiding women with guns.

The "Ollie" types always favor the "cruel" death penalty for people who have made a little mistake in life. We liberals feel these law breakers should have the opportunity to reform their lives, and they can't do that very well when they are six feet under. But those conservatives who favor the Ollie Norths and their forceful actions can't wait to "clean Up" the world and society of those they perceive as evil.

I have ended this letter with a look at the mentality of Ollie's supporters in another policy area, so we can all see crystal-clear what types are trying to take this country away form the Democratic majority of our congressmen.

The above was written in the form of satire. I believe there was a day in America when most people expressed these sentiments and positions openly and boldly, with the thought of opening up conversations in areas that have a great effect on our lives. But until the Lord Jesus Christ returns, I'm afraid many of us in America prefer our sitcoms and our own self-gratifying pursuits to open conversations on such issues.

---Kenneth J. Wolf #02 (05/13/89)

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