Political Labels Not Always Right

The following is an example of the kind of verbal exchange we visualize when we think of discussing politics in America:

"How dare you call me an old-fashioned, Neanderthal, conservative Republican…you bleeding-heart, knee-jerk, liberal Democrat!"

What's American politics all about? Let's take a look.

Liberal Democrats try to get your vote by appealing to your heart. They tell you that you and the majority are behind the eight ball and the rich minority is holding all the cue sticks.

They tell you government would be in your bedrooms, telling you what you could and couldn't do legally in a sexual relationship, if the conservative Republicans had their way.

They tell you Republicans would arm America with enough nuclear weapons to kill the whole world hundreds of times over. They tell you everyone will soon be packing a gun if the NRA and the GOP are not stopped.

They tell you conservative Republicans would get longer prison terms for rapists and murderers, while using the death sentence on human beings left and right.

Upon hearing this, a majority of Americans would feel in their hearts that the liberals were right, and would cast their votes for liberal Democrats without giving it a second thought.

But then along come the conservative Republicans, who try to get your vote by appealing to your head. They tell you that you and the majority can have it better than you would if liberal Democrats ran the country for very long.

They tell you Democrats prefer "peace through compromising treaties," as opposed to "peace through military strength." They tell you America has been morally declining because of the liberals' socially engineered permissive society, where anything goes."

They tell you the liberals want to take guns from everyone in order to "appear" tough on crime, when all we really need are old-fashioned criminal laws making it safer for all law-abiding citizens.

Upon hearing this, a majority of Americans would think in their heads that the conservatives were right and would cast their votes for conservative Republicans.

But what is politics, or what is a definition of politics that gives us the bottom-line understanding of it?

Politics is the science of the use of organized force by rulers, allowing or altering the social and economic natural consequences of restrained moral or unrestrained licentious behavioral actions of individuals in a given society.

Liberals and conservatives each see the purpose of the rulers differently. Liberals desire equality for immoral and ignorant individuals, while conservatives desire liberty, justice and prosperity for righteous and knowledgeable individuals.

The majority of Americans seem to feel they are somewhere in between, voting for liberals sometimes and conservatives sometimes, thus giving America a mixed government of contrary rulers working at cross purposes.

Whether America has a liberal democracy or a conservative republic depends on whether the people feel with their hearts or think with heads when they vote. If we continue voting for a balance of the two, we can look forward to more vicious public political cockfighting between the two parties, and that seems to be what American politics is presently all about.

We must, however, be very careful not to label every Democrat a liberal and every Republican a conservative. The truth is all Democrats are not liberals and all Republicans are not conservatives.

Republican President George Bush may truthfully be called a lot of things, and he may be winning the popularity contest with a majority of American voters, but he cannot truthfully and absolutely be called a conservative. My apologies to those who are still under the delusion that he is.

---Kenneth J. Wolf #06 (06/30/90)

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