Must Be Something About Rock Music

I've always felt I was too ignorant to write a book, but if I ever could I think I would like to be able to write one titled, "The Progressive Rise of, and the Philosophy of Life Inherent in, Contemporary Rock Music."

By simple deduction, I have been able to conclude there are at least three basic groups of people concerning the new rock: the "I love it," the "I hate it," and the "I don't give a darn one way or the other about it" people.

As one who enjoys reading books about different subjects (and our city library has a top-class public library and fine people operating it), I've noticed there's an enormous vacuum (few books available) about this new music called "hard" rock.

Those who hate it must gather with each other behind closed doors and privately keep the reasons why they hate it amongst themselves, rather than publicly tell the rest of us. I also figure those who love it must actually listen to it. They either listen to it privately or publicly, when they can keep it within the city noise statutes.

Did anyone notice during the recent County 4-H Fair that hard-rock music lovers like to advertise on their shirts, hats, etc., to show their love and affection for their stars, idols and heroes?

Now, at the age of 36, I don't wear shirts showing my love for Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, or even opera singer Pavorotti. Nor do I test the public's tolerance level for Italian operas being performed right inside my car at full blast. So, I figure there must be more to these rock musicians than just their music.

Have you ever wondered why someone from the "I love it" group doesn't write a book explaining this new form of music and its philosophy of life to the rest of us? I'm sure it would become a bestseller overnight.

Well, with this letter, I have probably offended all three groups of people, without delighting or tickling the ears of any one group of people, which clearly shows why I could never become a successful politician.

---Kenneth J. Wolf #08 (08/04/90)

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