Manipulators Don't Have the Answers

Have you ever had the feeling you are not hearing the whole story? For example, we read in the headlines, "Iraq Invades Kuwait The Whole World Is Shocked."

Now, as a Christian, I'm praying for our country's leaders, our servicemen and the security of our nation. But, as an individual, I was not shocked. I recall the words of one of our country's past leaders, General Douglas MacArthur, who said, Wars are cause by undefended wealth." Kuwait has oil (wealth) and Kuwait was defended by 20,000 men against 100,000 invaders in a three-hour war (undefended).

However, I am afraid that the shocked reaction of our leaders may have been for real. We are now living in an age when some men from the major nations imagine they can manipulate the rest of the world from secret foreign relations meetings, held by the elite big shots from each of the prospective nations.

These big shot manipulators think they have it all figured out before the rest of us common taxpaying Americans get out of bed in the morning to go to work. They have giant boards in front of them, telling them how every other nation and every other world leader will react to every financial move they make on their big chessboard.

They base all their calculations on "the rules of the game." There seems to be only one thing that occasionally messes up the planner's plans. That one thing is reality.

They constantly fail to learn the lesson: that many of the other nations and leaders know of only two rules:
Rule Number 1 is "We don't have to play by the rules of the game."
Rule Number 2 is "Never forget Rule Number 1."

No, I'm not shocked about Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, and I'm not really shocked our leaders failed once again to plug MacArthur's simple warning into their world strategy formula.

Now, those of us who are Christians know of a greater and more equitable system, but we do not have the power, as the world understands power. But we do have the power of prayer for our leaders, our warriors and our nation.

Just now our nation is in great need of warriors on several battlefields. In bold times, we must utter bold statements. "America, America, God shed His grace on thee."

---Kenneth J. Wolf #09 (09/01/90)

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