Is Someone Out to Get All of Us?

Is there any truth to the talk of a worldwide conspiracy? In other words, is some group of people secretly or openly out to get us?

This very thought sends chills up and down the spines of some who believe it, while it brings laughter and ridicule from those who don't.

In this letter, I would like to ask the reader to get out his or her microscope and examine this issue, to see which one of these reactions is the more realistic in the light of truth.

Let's begin with a definition of conspiracy as "a group of people with shared self-interests, planning to carry out their combined working efforts with a goal in mind."

For example, some say there is a secret, Communist one-world government conspiracy to take over the world. Khrushchev himself once said to the West, "We will bury you," and the Soviet congresses record in their own meetings the desire to see the Communist philosophy take over the entire planet.

Does this constitute a secret conspiracy? It would seem the obvious goal of Communists is open rather than secret. But it is secret by being carried out with under-the-table actions by people with a common goal in mind. So we can safely say there is an international Communist conspiracy without being considered loony or paranoid.

But is there another conspiracy, or more conspiracies, at work in the world? At this point, I want to go on record as saying I do not believe in any one particular conspiracy by any one particular race or ethnic class of people.

In other words, I do not believe in the Hottentotish (or fill in the blank) conspiracy. Of course I understand every race has its nuts who would like to see their own race alone "rule the world." But what is it they say about not letting one bad apple spoil the whole bunch? Let's not begin generalizing and start playing "The Game of the Nuts."

Some of my favorite intellectuals who write on politics and economics are not white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. I hold them in high regard, and this is my position against racism.

Now, let's focus our investigative microscopes on the real truth of the matter: "There is more than one conspiracy at work in the world around us!"

A refined definition is that any group of people working together, consciously or unconsciously, for common goals constitutes a conspiracy. Once we focus on the truth, we can see that all these conspiracies offset each other, and keep any one particular cells or groups of people from taking over the whole body or the world.

What do we learn from all this conspiracy thinking? I would say we should be careful not to focus on any particular group of people with common goals and start shaking with fear in the corner, with a security blanket wrapped around us. Even if their goals are bad in our opinions, there are probably some other people who, consciously together or unconsciously individually, are working to offset the conspiracy in question.

But we must also be careful we don't close our eyes to all these conspiracies working around us, and dwell in a state of ignorance of this simple truth. Because, one day, one of these conspiracies may dominate all the others and become "the" conspiracy, if we become too lazy to keep our microscopes polished and acknowledge the existence and activities of each one.

Now that the conspiracy question has been publicly addressed in this newspaper, we can no longer accuse the media of a conspiracy of silence. So, the next time someone asks you if you believe there is a worldwide conspiracy, with some people out to get you, just tell them you've been looking into your microscope recently, and can see everybody is out to get you.

But make sure you smile when you say it.

---Kenneth J. Wolf #10 (09/29/90)

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