Changing Things Starts Now

In a year when Americans elect a president, we are bombarded with political programs, to quote, "turn the country around."

My fear, more for my children than myself, is that we have degenerated to a level of believing liberal or conservative politicians can make a difference, without the hearts of the people changing. Although I myself am a Christian, and therefore rely heavily on the Bible to understand human nature and God's laws of divine establishment for nations, what follows is not a sermon.

Thomas Jefferson, from what we can gather from his writings, was not a Christian, in the evangelical sense of accepting Jesus Christ as God in the flesh and accepting Christ as his personal savior. This will come as a surprise to many people, because Jefferson did consider, and often quoted, Jesus as "a great moral teacher," and he had a great respect for the teachings of the Bible after he cut out (literally, in his own Bible) all references to miracles from the text.

I believe a better understanding of the Book of Proverbs by all Americans would be a step in the right direction for changing the hearts of the people of our nation. I think this way because I believe God gave the whole human race a blueprint for happiness in this life, including good men like Jefferson, who reject God's ultimate gift for happiness in the next life.

Now, to shift into a political gear. What do I see as the shortcomings of both liberals and conservatives in America? I see each political persuasion focusing on one particular attribute or characteristic of God at the exclusion of all His other attributes.

Political conservatives are perceived as reflecting the righteousness or justice of God, without showing any real love for others. The attitude is that those who are not well off have only their own chosen lifestyles or low motivations to blame for the positions they find themselves in.

On the other hand, political liberals are perceived as reflecting the love of God without showing any real concern for justice (the laws of cause and effect). The attitude is that all people should assist those who find themselves in positions of need, even if it takes the force of government to carry this out.

If I've succeeded in showing that a balance, not a compromise, is needed in the hearts of Americans, then I've made my point.

I do stress that relying on government is not the answer to our problems. Voluntary charity and education is the answer.

Conservatives, you don't have to go to Washington, D.C. to do your part. If you want to teach people about "cause and effect," they are more likely to listen to you while you are voluntarily helping them meet their needs in your own community by reflecting the love of God for them.

And, liberals, if more of your efforts would go into educating people on how to stay out of the poverty trap, your sense of love would be much more productive.

Just absorb the Book of Proverbs, and you might find yourselves centered on others and working side by side with those you once thought to be your political enemies.

As a people, we have to become less self-centered. I speak out now for my children and your children.

---Kenneth J. Wolf #19 (04/04/92)

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