Letter Writer Bids Farewell

This letter is like one of the season-ending episodes, where, in this case, my favorite scenes are replayed from my 22 letters to the editor in the last 48 months. I've really enjoyed it, but I don't know if there is another season left in me. Here are my favorite scenes from the past:

(At this point in my original letter submitted to the newspaper, I quoted my favorite passages from 16 of my writings. I just wanted to repeat to you, the readers, some thoughts which meant a lot to me when I originally delivered them to you in my past writings.

I have poured my mind and heart into those letters over the past few years, and the newspaper has always fairly printed what I said, without altering or asking me to alter anything in my letters.

This time, their feeling is you, the readers, would not be interested in reading a "rehashing" of my old opinions. I respect them for their position, and I am in their debt for giving me so much space in this paper in the past. I appreciate their past fairness.

After all, I'm just a layman writer. I don't even work for the newspaper, so I yield to the editor's decision. The newspaper has graciously given me a forum to serve my cake, and may very well be right in asking me to finish it with a little different icing than I originally intended. Maybe having said it once is enough.

Anyway, my thanks to the newspaper for an enjoyable four years, and the experience of a lifetime. The rest of this letter was a part of the originally submitted letter:)

Thank you all so much for allowing me to come into your homes for the last four years. I've tried to share my thoughts and entertain with a little humor; but most of all I've attempted to set a standard of fairness by strongly taking my positions, while at the same time objectively recognizing counter positions. I've tried to be a voice for quiet ones who share some of my positions, but may lack the confidence to speak out.

I've told the truth as I've seen it. I've given the people the benefit of the doubt. Who knows, maybe someday, some of these old episodes will be shown again as reruns.

(you can read this Season Ending Episode letter on the Internet as an introduction to the first 22 letters.)

--Kenneth J. Wolf #24 (09/05/92)

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