Veteran Writer Back With Views

This letter represents my periodic installment of what I believe is going on in America.

I left off a year ago saying I was finished expressing myself. Actually, after the Times printed my 96-line political poem, I had exhausted my ways of expressing what I understood at that time. Since then I have been listening to others and reading everything I can get hold of to further my understanding of the whole picture.

Most opinion commentators (newspaper, radio and TV) are only capable of thinking in dichotomous terms (only two-sided). It is always "conservatives vs. liberals," "Democrats vs. Republicans," "men vs. women," "ethnic minorities vs. whites," or some other dichotomy.

These dichotomous commentators are sincere. It's just that they are not able to think outside of the limitations of a box. Each operates under the assumption that each sees the whole picture visible before them.

Each thinks he or she sees all the play's participants on the theater stage at once. Furthermore, each believes the lines spoken come impromptu from the actor's lips and that each action taken is spontaneous.

If you do not suspect that every theatrical play has producers and scriptwriters, then you will never fully understand theater or the history and cultural outline of a nation.

But who are the producers and scriptwriters? It seems these people are ignored in the American political body. But they are ignored for the very good reason that they wish to remain anonymous.

The people behind the scenes in America's significant daily news events have so many people insulating them from the actors we see, hear and read about in the news that it would be hard to trace every orchestrated event back to the masterminds who produced and wrote each one.

Using the above "outside-the-box thinking methodology," I will now attempt to make an application of this way of thinking.

Can conservatives fully blame liberals (a dichotomous match-up) for every problem we are facing in America? After all, if liberals are people with big hearts and little brains, as conservatives describe them in so many ways, how could America continue to move in the heartless direction of more and more people becoming dependents on government aid, while no longer being able to take care of themselves?

Although liberals may not have the brains to see how their policies actually work contrary to the intentions of their big hearts, neither would they have the brains to keep getting their way in every area of political life.

I am suggesting here that liberals are just somebody's useful idiots. I believe some of the scriptwriters are social dependency engineers. I don't know "for sure" why they are writing it this way, or who their producers are, but then I'm not getting paid to find out.

Revealing the truth to the people is the job of our "unbiased" national media pit bulls. Surely their words are not also scripted, thus making them useful idiots as well?

---Kenneth J. Wolf #25 (10/02/93)

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