Talk Radio Has its Place

There are some things that I see in America that I strongly dislike or have an ill will for. It could be rightly said that I loathe and despise certain behaviors by some individuals. Being only human, sometimes I even dislike and try to avoid particular people.

Hearing me make these statements, some of you might even entertain the thought that I'm a hate-monger.

In America, I see so many people embracing falsehoods as a result of rejecting truth. I hate seeing that!

I see some people embracing the attitude that there are not moral absolutes holding each of us responsible to others and responsible to a personal God for our own actions.

I hate it that so many refuse to claim any responsibility for their actions when they have harmed others. There are far too many cases where people are getting off with light punishment or no punishment at all for their crimes.

There are too many people among us--and their numbers are growing--who blame their social environment whenever we conclude that their actions are wrong (with no "ands, ifs or buts"). Many psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers and people in the news media are quick to rationalize and excuse certain aberrant behaviors and ask the rest of us to show more love and understanding. They accuse those of us who have a great respect for authority and tradition of being too judgmental and hateful.

When I think of how so many people in our government have attempted to play God and perform the functions within American families that traditionally belonged to the father of each family, I confess to growing impatient with those who can't see the consequences of such social engineering. When children are raised by the government, spoiled by the government and excused by the government, then I believe we will end up with a nation full of anti-establishment and revolutionary brats.

I get angry when I realize the same people in government who help create these soulless terminators are, at the same time, working on laws to prevent law-abiding (and yes, decent) folks from defending themselves against them.

Too many people have been indoctrinated with class envy and resentment against achievement. These people have no love for the principles which I cherish and which I believe made this country great, and once made America's standard of living and culture the envy of the rest of the world.

To some of you, it may sound like I'm ranting on with hate and a dogmatic sureness. But sometimes a person must take a clear stand.

As crazy as it may sound to some, I honestly believe some people have become so frustrated with the distribution of freedom and power to millions of individuals in America who oppose their views that they are willing to see us saddled with an all-powerful centralized government that promises to carry out their agenda and reflect their philosophy of life. The history of totalitarianism tells us these promises will be broken.

This leads to my defense of talk radio, a growing phenomenon in America. You can frantically turn the channels of your TV and search through the pages of your newspapers looking for diverse opinions such as what I have presented here. You will rarely run across them. Why?

Yet you can turn on your radio to WIBC, WNDE or our local SHINE 99 station and hear people from all walks of life expressing these kinds of "alternate" views. I believe that is why a growing number of people are tuning into the likes of Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy and Stan Solomon.

I encourage the Times editor to continue this open debate, boldly offering his positions on the issues. So we are all better prepared to live in the country that we are currently rebuilding.

Once again, I thank the editor for preserving this island of free speech in a sea of slanted and biased print media. The Times editor is performing his primary job quite admirably. Like all of us, he is entitled to his opinion and is due our respect for expressing it.

--Kenneth J. Wolf #32 (06/04/94)

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