Sensitive People Taken Advantage of

Sensitive people are being taken advantage of in America on a grand scale. Have you ever noticed that people who seem cold, hard, calculating, logical and apparently indifferent to the feelings of others, so easily succeed materialistically; while those of us who are sensitive always seem to struggle economically in this country. This is not such a profound observation, but I am quite amazed that I've been able to articulate it so clearly in the above words.

People who know me very well, know that I have a very sensitive nature which I try to shackle and hide from most people. (Especially in my letters to the editor.) Since I try to hide this nature, I call it "Mr. Hide". When my feelings are hurt, I have to doctor and shackle Mr. Hide.

Being so in touch with my own sensitive nature, allows me to better understand human behavior when I mix it with my logical nature. I am able to see why sensitive people generally disagree with the opinions I express.

The author Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a book titled "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde". The premise for his story was that we may all have a Mr. Hyde mixed in with our other nature. If that Mr. Hyde nature could be drawn out and isolated from the influence of the other nature, it would be dangerous to ourselves and to others. I'm saying that we all need to keep our sensitive or emotional natures balanced with our logical or objective natures.

I began this letter with the statement that, "Sensitive people are being taken advantage of in America on a grand scale".

A good example of this would be how sensitive people are taken advantage of by some phony television evangelists who sucker emotional people into sending in their money. There are various schemes which they use to con these individuals, but the point is, "the counterfeit TV evangelists get richer and the sensitive people who respond get poorer".

The same thing occurs in politics. Phony politicians blame "cold" logical people for all the problems sensitive people seem to be up against. Sensitive people send in all their votes to the phony politicians. The phony politicians get richer and their tax and spend solutions don't really help the plight of sensitive people. (To the contrary, it actually hurts them.)

Instead of seeing phony evangelists and phony politicians for what they are,..."phony"; sensitive people fall for all the rhetoric and blame (in scapegoat fashion) the people who are able to doctor and shackle their Mr. Hides--the logical people.

I'm not preaching here that everyone should be cold, hard, calculating, logical, and apparently indifferent to the feelings of others. But I am saying that being hyper-sensitive, subjective all the time and resenting people who do not show their feelings as openly as you might, will not improve your own life in any way, shape, or form.

Quit listening to the snake oil salesmen who preach resentment and envy in order to enrich themselves at your expense. Trying to hurt productive and successful people will not improve one's own life. Most of these people have learned to control their sensitive and subjective natures; and if they derive their enjoyment in life by materialistically chasing after earthly riches, then let them alone.

In the end, the true cold and uncaring people will be held accountable to God on judgment day. You may sleep well on that truth!

--Kenneth J. Wolf #37 (10/29/94)

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