Many Leery of GOP Takeover

In the November 8th elections, Republicans took control of power in the senate and in the house of representatives. Some people, who are very concerned about the outcome of the election, fear that this historical day marks the end of compassion in America and the beginning of the philosophy of "survival of the fittest" and the law of the jungle. In this letter, I wish to address this fear, which is very haunting and real to some people.

If very many of these Republican victors hold to certain theories of the origin and destiny of life, then these fears may very well be fully justified. That sensitive nature of mine is in high gear, attempting to understand the feelings of some over an event which caused many others to shout out, "Oh, happy day!"

I believe there are basically three pure theories of the origin and destiny of life. (I say "pure" because there are many combinations of these three.)

There is the secular (or worldly) theory of evolution. The English philosopher Herbert Spencer and the British scientist Charles Darwin advanced this theory to explain how life began and how the law of the jungle determines who survives and who does not survive. Secular humanists, whether they classify themselves as atheists, agnostics or merely skeptics, generally subscribe to the theory of evolution.

If we find out, in time, that most of the men and women who make up this new Republican majority in both houses of congress are evolutionists, then I would say that many peoples' fears will be fully justified. There is no place for compassion in the law of the jungle. Good evolutionists fear when bad evolutionists get power.

Another theory of the origin and destiny of life is held by those involved with the occult, secret societies, a cult or one of the many world religions. This theory is the theory of reincarnation. In brief, this theory says that all of us keep coming back to the earth, after our death, in a new body, in order to "work off" bad karma. If you happen to be extremely poor in this life, then it may be karmic punishment for a previous life. If we work it off, we may come back in another life, born into a multi-millionaire family, with a silver spoon in each of our mouths.

The politicians in the country of India, where Hinduism is the national religion, look at the poor class as deserving their lot in life. There is no real political or economic attempt to improve the material well being of the poor in India.

If this new Republican majority is made up of very many reincarnationists, then compassion may indeed be over in America. Good reincarnationists fear when bad reincarnationists get power.

The third theory of the origin and destiny of life is the Christian doctrine of creation and the resurrection. This theory says that a loving God created mankind and after death there will be a resurrection of the body as Jesus Christ experienced. Those who joined the family of God will be forever partitioned (or separated) from those who are not a member of this family.

People are held accountable for their actions for and against other human beings. If government engineered and enforced compassion is reduced and/or eliminated, then people had better show compassion on a personal level in each of their communities and neighborhoods. If they don't, then they will end up on the "wrong" side of the partition on the day of the resurrection or face judgment while still living in this life.

If many of the Republicans hold to the doctrine of the resurrection, then I believe everything will work out fine. Only time will tell and we will be watching them closely!

--Kenneth J. Wolf #38 (11/19/94)

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