Some Subjects are Off Limits

This letter should probably be censored. I hope the times gives the First Amendment priority over the national media's party line.

In all of my letters to the editor, there are eight subjects on which I have consciously avoided making in-depth comments. In this letter, I wish to mention these eight subjects without crossing that fine line of saying too much about any one of them. If I accidentally cross over that line, my credibility could be greatly tarnished and harm could be done to me and possibly to National Security.

The eight subjects are (in no particular order): UFO aliens, conspiracy theories (of one world government proportions), the occult, cults, fraternal organizations (or secret societies), the new age movement, sex and National Security. If the reader wants to draw connections between these subjects, it will have to be done from your side.

In other words, I'm not saying that UFO aliens (incognito) are heading up our most secret fraternal organizations. Nor am I saying that sex in America is a threat to National Security. I am saying that our national media seems to have a beehive agreement amongst themselves to leave these eight alone. I have personally made a life study (a little exaggeration here) of all but one of them. (I do not probe into the secrets of National Security!)

As we examine these eight subjects together (as writer and readers), what common thread do we see running through all eight? The answer is "secrecy". The search for answers on any of these subjects causes one to be hit with hurdle after hurdle of taboos, misinformation, disinformation, engineered skepticism, and various levels of initiation to keep out the "unworthy curiosity seekers."

To feel more important, nearly everyone wants to be in on secrets and everyone who knows secrets likes the feeling of being one of only an elite few who knows them. If the truth should ever completely get out to the general public about most of these secretive subject matters; then not only would we all be enlightened at the same time, but as a result there would no longer be as many "enlightened few". No doubt, some of the mystery of life would also be gone and the world would probably become a duller place to live.

I think most of the people in the national media think of themselves as enlightened elitists. I draw this conclusion from the fact that as a swarm of creatures, they refuse to discuss these eight secret subjects with the "lowly" unenlightened masses. In my opinion, the need to know secrets at levels that others are forbidden to be initiated into is very very childish.

Anyway, I hope these media elitists remain at their present levels of understanding, because if they knew what I know about these secret subjects, I don't think they would be able to maintain their sanity. I and a few others will keep these secrets to ourselves until we think the rest of mankind are psychologically ready to know what is really going on.

In the future, we in the secret cousinhood will cross that fine line and publicly reveal many secrets when the planets and stars are properly aligned.

--Kenneth J. Wolf #44 (07/19/95)

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