What if I've Been Wrong?

A very scary thought entered my mind recently--"What if the opinions I've expressed in the Times over the last eight years are wrong"? In many of my past letters, I have elaborated on four foundational themes which I strongly believe in: free market capitalism, political conservatism, creation by God, and mankind's possession of free will.

I'm willing to concede that there are some "good people" in the reading audience who believe in one or more of the following: socialism, liberalism, evolutionism (atheistic and theistic), and Christian Calvinism. To those of you who look favorably on one or more of these four, you must get frustrated with my seemingly pompous and dogmatic manner of opposing your beliefs.

It is very haunting for me to entertain the possibility that I might be wrong and some of you who oppose my views may be right. I would like to continue this letter with a twist, by stating and defending your views in print for a change.

My first defense will be of socialism. There are some good people who believe that every society should eliminate the walls which divide its people into different social classes (upper, middle and lower). In other words, it would be a good end to achieve if we were all equal, or closer to it, in a financial sense.

Socialism says government must totally own the means of production in societies. Wouldn't it be more fair if government was everybody's employer instead of having to work for businesses (manufacturing, distributing, retail and service) owned by "upper class" wealthy elitists?

In many cases, we could still allow these current business owners to stay on and manage the businesses they now own. But we would pay them through our elected government exactly what we believe their work contribution is worth. We the people, by our collective wisdom through our government, would decide what amount of money everyone would get for their work efforts. We would actually determine our own wages. This would be socialist justice.

Liberals are sick of how some people think of themselves as morally superior to other people. Just think about a liberal's sensible stand on various issues: against the cruel death penalty, against people having dangerous guns, for keeping prayers in the churches and out of public schools, and passionately for a woman's right to choose between keeping or aborting something which is undeniably her own personal property.

Liberals also refuse to pass judgment on those who choose "so-called" alternative lifestyles. In other words, they humbly refuse to play God. And talk about compassion--liberals believe that those who cannot work or do not work for a good enough reason should be taken care of by the rest of society. Liberals truly practice the religious charge that "we are our brother's (and sister's) keepers."

Evolutionists are intellectual thinkers. Whether they believe in God or not, they just accept the facts that objective scientists have proven in their research that mankind evolved from apes over a very long period of time (millions and millions of years). Any objection to evolution is mindless and childish wishful thinking.

Calvinists (faithful followers of John Calvin's philosophy of predestination) are Christians who are secure in their belief that God has determined beforehand the outcome of everything in the universe. There is no such thing as human freedom or free will practiced by mankind. It is a deceptive illusion!

Calvinists believe it is God's Plan that a chosen "elect" of individuals are saved for heaven while others, are passed over, thus damned to hell for eternity, with no real choice in the matter. This doctrine--expressed in five points--is called the TULIP (Total depravity, Unconditional election, Limited atonement, Irresistible grace, Perseverance of the saints).

What could make us feel better about life than to believe that we are all programmed puppets acting out a script of fate which we cannot change?

Here they are! But I still hope and believe that all these views are wrong.

--Kenneth J. Wolf #49 (12/16/95)

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