Writer Sick of 'Tolerance'

Abortion is all right, assisted suicide is all right (maybe compulsory euthanasia will be all right in the near future?), infanticide is all right, passing out condoms in schools is all right, gay marriages are all right, adultery is all right (marriage is obviously a failed institution), and pretty much anything anyone wants to do is all right. To argue otherwise is to show that one is an intolerant bigot.

I'm sick and tired and totally fed up with something I have been hearing lately. There is a buzzword that is being crammed down the throats of the American public. The word "intolerance" is being used everywhere in the media and in our schooling institutions to highlight a person who holds to uncompromising values based on "absolutes". It is strongly stated that everyone is not obligated to accept someone else's absolutes.

At the end of the twentieth century in America, we are being led to believe that no one should hold any beliefs of right and wrong based on the Bible, which it is said does not apply to people who totally reject it or interpret it differently. We are told that beliefs of right and wrong based on tradition do not apply to people who totally reject past American traditional values.

It is getting to the point in our relatively young culture, society, and nation that everything and nearly anything must be tolerated. "Anything goes", "if it feels good...do it", and "do what thou wilt is the whole of the law". (This last rational statement was reportedly coined by the occult mystic Aleister Crowley.)

What kind of a self-righteous and pious individual am I to address such subject matter as I am addressing in this letter? I'm just a sinner like everyone else who happens to understand that sin, immorality or unethical behavior must be called what it is even if the actor of the transgression should be forgiven if he or she confesses their actions as wrong. I understand confessing as simply calling a spade a spade and not trying to white wash or rationalize away bad behavior or wrong beliefs.

I have my share of bad behavior and wrong beliefs, so what is the difference? Am I not being very hypocritical to express the things I am expressing in this letter? The difference, as I see it, is that I do my best to privatize my sinful behavior and erroneous beliefs. I do not parade my dirty laundry in the public as though I am proud of it. So my anger is that we have become a people who arrogantly excuse nearly every action and form of behavior we see, which offends some among us, because we are scared to death of being charged as intolerant!

If we have, as a people, thrown out the Bible and tradition as our guides, how much longer will it be before we throw out the law of the land as a guide. Needless to say, many have already done that, but far too many of the rest assume that they will be able to change the law in the next few years to make it more tolerant. And why shouldn't they believe this? Haven't we matured and grown to the absolute realization that Americans no longer hold to absolutes of right and wrong?

For those who have been asleep for some time, the question of whose values shall become law is currently what American politics is all about.

So if people want to be thought of as tolerant, they only have to "go with the flow" and agree that everything is all right, or keep quiet and don't stand for anything based on absolutes. But if people are not afraid of being called intolerant and hypocritical, then they should call a spade a spade!

There is an uninhibited and easy way to live one's life and there is a difficult and restrained way. It seems the easy way is getting more tempting and easier to choose every day!

--Kenneth J. Wolf #55 (02/26/97)

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