Officials, Politicians Should Blow Whistles

In a letter to the editor in the Times, January 30th, a writer expressed how offended he was that the referees watch NBA players take about six steps to the basket and still don't blow their whistles. He said he thought maybe they may have lost the little balls that go in them.

I have to agree 100% with the writer's opinion on this matter. But earlier in his letter, he displayed an incredulous attitude over the whistle blowing that the Republicans have been doing lately when they keep seeing President Clinton taking more steps then the rules of our Constitution call for. Apparently, at this point in time, the Republicans still have the balls, in their whistles, to call a player on a violation of the rules!

The only way I can enjoy watching an NBA game nowadays is to substitute in my mind a visual image of Bill Clinton doing the violating of all the game's rules in place of the actual NBA players. When the fans go wild after watching a six steps slam-dunk, I just picture a crowd of Democrats applauding and rationalizing that the exhilaration of the slam-dunks justify all of the traveling. Then, and only then, am I able to understand the game and why the referees apparently have no balls--in their whistles.

Here it is in a nutshell: "Everything is done for the applause of the crowd!" I owe the writer a word of thanks for helping me to see this analogy insight. My enjoyment of music has helped me keep my sanity for the last six years. So to end this letter on a musical note, I would just like to say, "Many a tear has to fall, but it's all in the game."

--Kenneth J. Wolf #63 (02/13/99)

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