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Since my last letter in the middle of August, telling all of you that “I used to care”, I have put up a personal Website on the Internet at www.accs.net/users/wolfAll 63 of my published letters to the editor since August of 1988 can be found there in attractive color hyper-text print with various colored and tiled backgrounds—suitable for framing.

Does this mean I will no longer be writing letters to the Times?  No, not as long as the Times continues to welcome my thoughts and opinions!  The Internet is fine for the growing number of people who have access to it and it is great for collecting and displaying opinions, information and visual images.  However a community’s newspaper and radio are still, at the present time, the most effective way to reach those around you or closest to you with your thoughts and opinions.  Read my letter #30 “Writing letters great for all”.

If I or anyone else puts something up on an Internet Website without first publishing it in a newspaper (nothing I put in print is on the level of copyrightmaterial), it can be stolen by someone else miles away (maybe in another universe) and claimed as their own material. Of course,I’m really not that concerned about other universes, just this world!

At my ACCS Website, I have finally revealed the handful of individual writers who have had the most influence on my own thoughts.  Of these philosophers, economists and theologians, I even refer to one of them as my mentor.  They are pictured and written about briefly in my “Hall of Influence”.  Also, for the first time, the solutions (#28, #48, #59) to my three “find the song titles” letters are available to the public.

I write about my favorite music and I share my take on films, as I am quite a film buff.  Presently on the site, I write about horror and science fiction films.  But the centerpiece of my personal Website is my letters to the Times collection, which are indexed chronologically for easy reference on a page titled “Captured Thoughts”.  I use this title because I believe very few thoughts belong exclusively to any one individual.  This is my display of the thoughts I have captured at this point in my own life.

Since creating this Website, I have talked to some people who have said they would like to do the same thing for their business or as a personal presentation.  If you don’t want to read anything on my site, just visit and look over the layout to get some ideas for creating your own presence on the Internet.

Creating a Website is not as difficult as most people would think.  There are good Web page editor programs out there and with a little work using a rather simple one, nearly anyone can be a part of the World Wide Web.  (I use an old editor with Netscape Navigator 3.0 Gold to do all my pages.)

In rereading some of my past letters, I noted that in that first letter back in 1988, I stressed how important it was for people to get out and vote in the election.  In the last letter I said I was finished voting.  I’m trying to figure out what happened in between those two letters and if I was wrong then or wrong now?  It’s all there for you discerning readers to try and figure out for yourselves.  Meet you in Cyberspace.

--Kenneth J. Wolf #65 (10/09/99)

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