Male Safe Pick for Village Idiot?

    Recently, NBC aired a mini-series entitled “The 10th Kingdom”.  For the most part, this was a very entertaining television show.  However, one choice of the writers of this series has greatly offended me.

    Halfway through, there was a village, where the Peep family raised the winning sheep at the festival every year.  In this village was a “village idiot”.  This person told everyone that they were looking at the village idiot.

    Guess what gender the person was who played the village idiot in this village?  If you didn’t see the movie, but you guessed that a man played the village idiot, then give yourself some points and prepare for the lightning round.

    Lightning round question:  Did the writers use a man to play the village idiot, because--

    (A) they flipped a coin and it came up heads with a man showing on the coin (this answer would assume they did not use a Susan B. Anthony coin);

   (B) they felt that if a village had an idiot, it would most definitely be a man;

    (C) they were afraid they would offend some women by using a woman to play the role of the village idiot, but had no fear or didn’t care if they offended any men (the answer of political correctness);

    (D) the majority of the writers were a coalition of women and sensitive men, thus they had no problem making a male look stupid;

    (E) Jerry Lewis was right and the writers had a great respect for Jerry’s opinion that no woman would have enough comedic sense of humor to be as funny playing the village idiot as a man would;

    Or (F) a combination of two or more of the above.

    I would personally throw (E) right out the window, because Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett could have been hilarious village idiots and wouldn’t have been too proud to have played the role.  Sorry Jerry, but you just aren’t a funny man anymore!

    If a coin was flipped to determine the gender of the role, there is a fifty-fifty chance that someone yelled out “let’s make it two out of three”.  Writers do not leave such decisions to chance.  (A) was just thrown in as a decoy answer.

    If you chose (B) as your answer, you are guilty of discrimination against males.  This attitude is totally acceptable this day and age, so I’m not taking you behind the woodshed over this answer.  I’m just calling it what it is or used to be called. Shame on you!

    If you said (C), you would not qualify as the village idiot of our community.  I think you would be very close, but not quite right.

    If one answer is right all by itself, I believe it would have to be (D), but more than likely, as in real life, the correct answer is (F) a combination of (B), (C) and (D).  You only win the lightning round if you chose all three of these answers as a combination answer.  You may now advance to some “I want to be a millionaire” game show.

    Years ago, I could have watched “The 10th Kingdom” mini-series and not thought a thing about a man playing the village idiot.  But, in the sensitive times in which we live, I’m very hurt as a male that a man was chosen.  I now feel that if our own community had a village idiot, it might be me! However it couldn’t, it shouldn’t, it wouldn’t be a woman.

    I will now live the rest of my life with a male inferiority complex created by this cute little TV program.  If the writers had only had the sensitivity to have a brother and sister play “the village idiots”, my feelings could have been spared.  Why have our television writers become such an insensitive group of human beings?

    NBC owes me either an apology or some sort of compensation to help the damage done to my maleegoMoney would be accepted!

    Hey!, everybody else does it.

--Kenneth J. Wolf #67 (03/11/00)

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