This letter was written in response to an announcement in the writer's local newspaper, on June 7, 2000, in an article titled "Weapons Banned at Fairgrounds".  "Because the fairgrounds is used by the public and often in large numbers which frequently include children, the carrying of any firearms, knives and other weapons on the fairgrounds, except by law-enforcement officers, presents a public safety hazard,"  the ordinance said.

Writer has plan
for gun control

      The fear of weapons is a very real fear for many people.  Some aren’t going to like my solution, but the only way to relieve the fears of these people is to ban ownership of all weapons in America.  Gun control can work!
     I’ve heard all the arguments against gun confiscation by a nation’s authorities, but the most persistent argument is “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”  This argument takes the position that the lawless will never give up their weapons.  The law is merely something for bad people to twist, bend, get around, cheat on, or simply ignore; while only the law abiding would disarm themselves in order to obey the law.
     We are not a civilized people unless we listen to the voices of great sages from the past such as Gandhi and insightful gun control public figures of today such as Rosie O’Donnell.  These great souls taught us and teach us that passive resistance is the only way a truly civilized people can respond to the mischief of some.
     What happens when a person goes into a defensive mode, and tries to pull out a concealed weapon, while an unsavory looking character is sending all the signals out to them that they are under bodily attack?  This ugly scenario is only going to cause harm to the gun toter or the misguided person who is momentarily attacking them.  No, there is a better way, a more civilized way to handle the attack of such a confused soul.  I call it APR, which stands for Act of Passive Resistance.
     APR is a three-step posture, which will stun an attacker before they realize what hit them.  The first step is to put your hands behind your back and clasp one hand around the wrist of the other hand.  The second step is to drop to your knees.  The third step is to bow down until your upper torso is at a 90 degrees angle from your legs.  The lower you bow your head, the greater the appearance of passive resistance.
     Can you imagine the shock your attacker will feel when they see that you know APR?  Can you picture in your own mind any person who would take advantage of you at this point of passivity?  Well, I sure can’t!
     Like Gandhi and Rosie, I can envision crime dropping off in this great nation and in our community so fast that heads will be spinning.  Remember, when you go into APR, there is always a chance that two or four law-enforcement officers are working any given area at the time.  There is a fair chance that one of them will see the confrontation and be by your side in a matter of minutes to offer forceful assistance.
     Take the weapons from the law-abiding, teach courses in APR and just watch what happens.  Signs on the windows of our homes could read “WEAPONS FREE HOME” to discourage thieves or worse, from having to face people who practice APR.
     Of course the NRA Wild West gunslingers are going to resist this movement, so it would be advisable to pursue this goal slowly.  Start by outlawing weapons in public places like schools, fairgrounds, parks, sidewalks and streets; where children are at risk from the dangers presented by the law-abiding.
     After success with these incremental steps, simply outlaw guns in homes with children.  It must all be done “for the sake of the children.”  Only the kooks would oppose such civilized measures out of fear that our government may one day become corrupt and turn against an unarmed populace.  Folks, it can’t happen here!
     Many will say my gun control presentation here is brilliant, precise and irrefutable.  I’m too modest to comment on their perceptive praise.

--Kenneth J. Wolf #68 (06/17/00)

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