Smoking ban draws comparison to 'little Hitlers'

We haven't heard much of a voice from the smokers in Clinton County with all this culture altering legislation from the anti-smoking left.  I think the main reason we haven't heard much noise from smokers in our community is that most smokers, as with most non-smokers, are of the "live and let live" philosophical mentality. They are not "busybodies", like the few, who are trying to alter and restrict the behavior of others! In others words, most people are not "little Hitlers" and have no desire to be such. Our politicians had better take note of this truth before the next election.

It is a historical fact that Adolph Hitler was a health fanatic himself. The Nazis were the first to ban smoking in public places and especially in Nazi Party premises. Hitler hated smoking and called it "the wrath of the Red Man against the White man, vengeance for having been given hard liquor". I don't think anyone is suggesting we take away the hard liquor from some anti-smoking advocates. And thank God, the cigar smoking Winston Churchill united with America to take on this controlling dictator or we would all be speaking German today.

I'm not saying that anti-smoking health fanatics are Nazis. But they certainly have a "spirit of control" in asking for snitching on one another that smacks of the operating principles of totalitarian closed societies. There is no denying that fact, so there is no need for babbling against that fact.

Most smokers work out any conflicts between themselves and congenial non-smokers quite peacefully. That is what living in an open and free society means. It's called "the show of tolerance" for one another. The unintended consequences of these new public smoking ban laws will be to put a wedge in the relationships between smokers and non-smokers; and to put all smokers into a second class citizenship status. But then that may be the very intent after all!

The liberal left use "race issues" to divide us and they use "class issues" to divide us-it's called race and class warfare. I guess they are always looking for more ways to divide citizens one against the other, rather than allow them to work out their differences in an atmosphere of freedom and liberty.

Personally, I smoke cigars and to be considerate of others, I try not to smoke directly in front of other non-smokers. Most of my family and friends are non-smokers. But once your new law goes into effect and if I would happen to hear taunting from someone that "you can't light up any more in this place or I'll report you, because it's the law!", I will totally disassociate myself from that potential "informer", as the East Berliners learned to do while the Berlin Wall boxed them in behind the Communist Iron Curtain.

Then your victory will be complete! "Mission accomplished!" At least for the smoking issue. But that dark controlling spirit will move on to the next public issue.

Kenny J. Wolf #71 (02/12/11)
February 12, 2011

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