Waiting for the socialist utopia

I’m looking forward to the socialist utopia that America is rapidly becoming.  We are so fortunate to have so many socialist national leaders and do-gooders, especially on the local level, making all people care more for some other people; rather than having the liberty and feeling the responsibility of caring for themselves and their family and friends.  What a noble ideal!

It greatly upsets me to hear some people call these socialist visionaries by the label of “Communists”.  Communism by definition is an ideal state of society where the state (or government) has totally withered away.  The government would no longer be needed, since all the remaining citizens left alive in the country would have transformed their natures to care as much for the welfare of total strangers as they care for themselves or for the well being of their own family members.  Looking at it this way, the socialist building of the ideal of Communism almost sounds like the fulfilling of Christianity.

Our national and local socialists should not be discouraged by those backward citizens on the right; the black hearted so called “conservatives”, with their charge that “socialism has failed throughout history in every country in which it was tried.  That it has always left in place a bunch of totalitarian wealthy criminal thugs dictating nearly every action of its citizens and spreading poverty to the entire population, except for a privileged few elite individuals and politically favored families which they call “Communist Party Members.”

Kenny J. Wolf  (#72)
July 5, 2012

The above letter was printed in the Frankfort Times on an opinion page, at the very bottom, they reprinted the entire Declaration of Independence titled "We hold these truths...".  The Declaration reprint included all the charges against the British King.  Pretty bold for a newspaper to reprint a document of the founding fathers in this day and age!  They certainly deserve the thanks of their readers.

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