What is the greatest threat?

What is the greatest threat to the survival of western civilization and is it a single threat or a multitude of threats attacking the health of our nation?

Could it be just one of the following:
Criminal behavior with a few assaulting and plundering some others,
Anarchy with everyone assaulting and plundering everyone,
Tyranny with only our rulers assaulting and plundering everyone else,
Bullying and abuse of spouses and children,
Drugs with illegal and legal pharmaceutical prescription,
Gluttony with excessive overeating,
Drunkenness with excessive consumption of alcohol,
Sexual behavior of the high risk variety,
Or is it just tobacco with cigarettes, chewing, snuff, cigars and pipes?

If as reasonable and intelligent people, we think the single threat to the health of Hoosiers and Americans is the use or practice of just one of these “threats”, then we should frequently discuss a cure or remedy on the pages of this newspaper.

I am, however, very suspicious that there is a little thing called “political correctness”, showing its ugly influence here.  It seems we are being lectured to on just one threat to our health and the future health of Americans at the near total exclusion of all the other potential threats.  I should not have to point out the lone threat for which the drum beats in our newspaper.

Don’t we owe our children and our young adults a little more education and exposition on a whole multitude of health threats that we face.  When the young begin to see how naïve and shallow is this mechanism we call “political correctness”, they will naturally begin to question the motives and values of those who focus on a “single threat”, which in effect, can cause us to miss the whole picture.

Let us not be afraid to consider and include the whole spectrum of threats attacking the literal health of our nation.  We are in need of such discussions.  The proposition that curing just one highlighted ill in our nation will establish a blissful paradise of good health in our corner of America is just plain silly.  I’m not getting paid to preach here on my opinion, but I am asking and challenging others to join in the effort to help educate the rest of us on how best to preserve liberty and justice for all in our nation.

The philosophical principle of “natural law” states that “each individual owns their own life and therefore has the right to do anything they wish with that life, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the life of any other individual” or simply put:  “live and let live”.  It may even be a revelation to some that the threats of crime and tyranny can also be considered health issues.  Unchecked crime can lead to anarchy, which then leads to total control by a police state and tyranny.

We are all responsible to ourselves and to one another to temper our own lives.  Moderation with toleration strengthens the health of a people!

Kenny J. Wolf  (#76) November 20, 2013

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