Second Season Ending Episode

Here are some of my favorite scenes from the 25 letters I wrote and the Times published in 1993 through 1995:

From letter #25, "Can conservatives fully blame liberals (a dichotomous match-up) for every problem we are facing in America? After all, if liberals are people with big hearts and little brains, as conservatives describe them in so many ways, how could America continue to move in the heartless direction of more and more people becoming dependents on government aid, while no longer being able to take care of themselves?"

From letter #26, "Have you ever had a discussion, dialogue or debate with someone, and suddenly realized that not only were you not getting anywhere with this person, but you realized this person is not capable of getting anywhere with anyone who doesn't see things "exactly" his or her way?"

From letter #27, "Today, in this writing, I would like to be one of the first people to come forward with a startling public confession, "President Bill Clinton is my dad!""

From letter #28, "Gentlemen, put your arm around that special girl you love and say, "Oh, pretty woman, it seems I work eight days a week and while away from you, I get dizzy just thinking about you."  (Reader, if you leave me now, you will miss the novel challenge of this letter…and you ain't seen nothing yet.)"

From letter #29, "Choose a random number…let's say 430. Your first word would be "functional" for the opening. A three count would give you the middle word "reciprocal," and the last zero for the ending would give you the word "options." Thus, 430 would prompt you to blurt out the impressive combination "functional reciprocal options." Next time you are in your doctor's office, just ask him or her, "Doctor, do we have any functional reciprocal options for my case of hemorrhoids?" (Substitute your own ailment)."

From letter #30, "Are there some things you feel passionate about? If not, then don't bother writing a letter to the editor. If there are some things you have strong feelings about, but you don't publicly express yourself (verbally or in writing), then you may be withholding from the rest of us some pieces of the puzzle that by some chance of fate (or by design) have been entrusted to your care."

From letter #31, "Like most, I have moments when I feel like I just want to be apathetic about everything and not have to care about anything.  By now I suspect only a few readers of this letter have not shed any tears or felt sorry for me. I know who you are! You are so sure of your opinions."

From letter #32, "This leads to my defense of talk radio, a growing phenomenon in America. You can frantically turn the channels of your TV and search through the pages of your newspapers looking for diverse opinions such as what I have presented here. You will rarely run across them. Why?"

From letter #33, "Both political parties -- the cowardly Republicans and the despairing Democrats -- would be affected by such a revival of Americanism. And so would our wandering people who have forgotten where we came from, don't know where we are and presently have no idea where we are headed."

From letter #34, "One of our classmates, let's call him John, brought up the subject of my letters to The Times' editor. John's mother clips them out and mails them to him in Indianapolis. John flattered me with many complimentary remarks, while I stood politely, restraining myself from interrupting his flow of thought. (I didn't want him to forget anything he wanted to say.)"

From letter #35 "I try my best to love liberals. It's just their contrary beliefs and opinions that I find so hard to understand or appreciate. I just can't let go of my own Christian fundamental beliefs. I'm one of those who have a "need to be right," which I realize some view as dangerous, bizarre behavior and a psychological disorder."

From letter #36 "Forrest Gump, his childhood sweetheart Jenny, and Lieutenant Dan combine in action and dialogue to show the dynamics of human potential due to the blessed gift of free will afforded to all of us. To miss this major theme in the movie is like being stuck in the coffee shop at the airport eating doughnuts while your airplane lifts off without you."

From letter #37, "I'm not preaching here that everyone should be cold, hard, calculating, logical, and apparently indifferent to the feelings of others. But I am saying that being hyper-sensitive, subjective all the time and resenting people who do not show their feelings as openly as you might, will not improve your own life in any way, shape, or form."

From letter #38, "People are held accountable for their actions for and against other human beings. If government engineered and enforced compassion is reduced and/or eliminated, then people had better show compassion on a personal level in each of their communities and neighborhoods."

From letter #39, "Some in the media (including Rush Limbaugh) call populists "nativists" and "isolationists", while populists would change those labels to "nationalists" and "noninterventionists". Many liberals and conservatives think of populists as conspiracy nuts, kooks, alarmists, or fearmongers."

From letter #40 "I would rather live next door to a young lady or young man with a higher VQ ("Virtue Quotient") than IQ! Although I struggle to read and understand things written by high IQ men and women, I admire and am more influenced by those who are on the high end of the VQ bell curve."

From letter #41, "I've always wanted to write a short letter to the editor, as a way to thank those who have labored through my long drawn out letters. The above line is the introduction, the following line is the body of my letter, and the remaining three lines is my brief commentary on the body."

From letter #42, "There may be some cardboard fiscal conservatives ("business is all that matters") reading this letter who may question whether or not I'm a true conservative. They may accuse me of having a liberal heart. But I invite them to examine the various dimensions of my conservative mind."

From letter #43, "I would like to speak to the readers who love sports, hate politics and have a good imagination. I would like to stimulate your imaginations by creating a model of American sports where we politicize (make political) the major professional sports events in this country."

From letter #44, "In all of my letters to the editor, there are eight subjects on which I have consciously avoided making in-depth comments. In this letter, I wish to mention these eight subjects without crossing that fine line of saying too much about any one of them. If I accidentally cross over that line, my credibility could be greatly tarnished and harm could be done to me and possibly to National Security."

From letter #45, "All of the above relationships have the same societal structure--that of those in authority with those under authority. At this point, I would like to introduce a self-evident postulate which states that "authority without liberty is tyranny, and liberty without authority is anarchy.""

From letter #46, "Libertarians want government & liberals to stay out of their business transactions and they want government & conservatives to stay out of their bedrooms. They refer to the latter area as personal liberties or victimless crimes. Individual rights can only be achieved if government (at all levels) keeps it's power hungry totalitarian nature to regulate human beings to a bare minimum."

From letter #47, "How do we overcome the race problems that we presently have in our country? I think, each of us who cares must "continue" to see and treat others as individuals and not as members of a herd. If another individual insists on identifying himself or herself as a part of a herd, then the effort to see them as an individual, no doubt, will be harder to do. However, the burden will not be for individualists to change, but for them to change."

From letter #48, "By this time the Beatles had a ticket to do something, while the Beach Boys needed help from some girl (hint: it wasn't Barbara Ann), the Rolling Stones couldn't get something, and somebody declared that he was not the first Henry. By August, Sonny & Cher were calling each other babes; while the Beatles were crying for assistance, and then failed to sing about tomorrow."

From letter #49, "It is very haunting for me to entertain the possibility that I might be wrong and some of you who oppose my views may be right. I would like to continue this letter with a twist, by stating and defending your views in print for a change."

I've tried to share my thoughts and entertain with a little humor; but most of all I've attempted to set a standard of fairness by strongly taking my positions, while at the same time objectively recognizing counter positions. I've tried to be a voice for quiet ones who share some of my positions, but may lack the confidence to speak out.

I've told the truth as I've seen it. I've given the people the benefit of the doubt.

--Kenneth J. Wolf (09/22/00)

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