Third Season Ending Episode

Here are some of my favorite scenes from the letters I wrote and the Times published from 1996 to date.:

From letter #50, "Shame on you, guardians of the gates of public education, who are scared to death that a student might whip out a Bible during a classroom discussion on the theory of evolution. If you deacons of diversity are afraid that other students may want to get out their Bhagavad-Gita (a Hindu holy book), the teachings of Buddha, the Koran, the Torah, or the writings of Confucius; then I say, "Get them all out, this is America!" The truth has no problem with diversity, it is human lies and deceptions which need to be shielded and protected from the truth."

From letter #51, "I have expressed in the past that I strongly believe that human beings have free will, but I also believe in the predestination and sovereignty of God. Although this sounds like a contradiction to hold to both beliefs at the same time, I would like to show why I do believe that they can be reconciled with one another."

From letter #52, "My theory (the Wolf theory of politics) is that we all have sin natures which lean toward one combinational pattern or another of the above mentioned sinful characteristics . . . I believe each person has a human tendency to rationalize his or her own pattern of sins as virtuous and the other fellow's as distasteful. That is why most Americans gravitate toward one of the two major parties and most people would rather fight than switch!"

From letter #53, "I don't write letters which are too simple, because such letters would not be able to refute the tangled and complicated conclusions too many people have been persuaded into accepting from false teachers. I don't write letters which are too complicated, because I'm not educated enough and my own mind is too simple to do that."

From letter #54, ". . . American politics is sort of a battle between liberal hearts and conservative minds. Would that mean that with democracy in our Republic, we get the mixed product of those two forces? I think it does! At any one point in our country's history, some would argue that we need a little nudge in the mind direction while others would argue that we need a little nudge in the heart direction."

From letter #55, "I have my share of bad behavior and wrong beliefs, so what is the difference? Am I not being very hypocritical to express the things I am expressing in this letter? The difference, as I see it, is that I do my best to privatize my sinful behavior and erroneous beliefs. I do not parade my dirty laundry in the public as though I am proud of it. So my anger is that we have become a people who arrogantly excuse nearly every action and form of behavior we see, which offends some among us, because we are scared to death of being charged as intolerant!"

From letter #56, "The queen is a woman who can move swiftly in any direction (vertically, horizontally or diagonally) as many squares as are open to her and can capture or remove the first piece that tries to stand in her way. It can also be observed that the kings and queens are equal in size except the male has a larger head. A big head makes the king look more important."

From letter #57, "A successful life is about following good advice, trusting the one giving you the information, and catching on to the point where the instructions get easier to follow and anticipate as you start seeing the big picture. It's about learning to connect the dots and seeing the pieces fall together as you connect the dots. Its about learning a code, notation or language of life. Its about understanding the smaller units that make up each of the pieces of life. I believe it can be illustrated by constructing the puzzle that I recently encountered."

From letter #58, "The major disorder I see with American politics today is that we have a strong political party acting like it is trying to capitalize on paranoia and another strong political party trying to convince us all that we are naive. Both parties are very polished at indoctrinating most of the population with their own "us and them" philosophy."

From letter #59, "He's the son of a son of a sailor (that means his grandfather was a sailor--that is not to say that he is his own grandpa!) and he's always sympathizing with another man as he tells about a pirate, as a pirate looks at forty. He's wasting away (again) in Margaritaville, searching for his lost shaker of salt, while unashamedly listening to the gossip on the Coconut Telegraph."

From letter #60 "There is a lot of evil in the world today that God seems to wink at. If God exists, why does He allow so much evil to go on? Some theologians and clergy will tell the common folk or the laity that evil, in a mysterious way, glorifies God. Other Christian teachers will tell you, when asked (generally not volunteered information), that God has a "hidden purpose" for allowing evil to exist in the world."

From letter #61 "Swing voters are up for grabs at every election. Each of the two major parties continuously fights to change the swing voters' perception of one of their own self-perceived sets of characteristics (the material set or the spiritual set). The real art of politics is to win a majority of both factions of these swing voters with the same message. At first glance, this task would seem impossible for most human beings, but not for skilled politicians."

From letter #62, "We live in an age where the social engineers are saying that children should have access to and enjoy the same things that adults enjoy. If it is something we think a child should not be able to do or have, then by gosh, we have to ban adults from doing it or having it,...except for sex. "No one can get enough of sex!" say these enlightened ones."

From letter #63, ". . . he displayed an incredulous attitude over the whistle blowing that the Republicans have been doing lately when they keep seeing President Clinton taking more steps then the rules of our Constitution call for. Apparently, at this point in time, the Republicans still have the balls, in their whistles, to call a player on a violation of the rules!"

From letter #64, "I think the pressure will become too great for local media to remain free! I don't know exactly when it happened, but news reporting in this country went from telling the people the "who, when and where" of the news to include the manipulative "why and what you should think about it"."

From letter #65 "Since creating this Website, I have talked to some people who have said they would like to do the same thing for their business or as a personal presentation.  If you don’t want to read anything on my site, just visit and look over the layout to get some ideas for creating your own presence on the Internet."

From letter #66, "If you truly want to understand PC (Political Correctness), I can think of no better way than to overhear a typical conversation between a teacher and one of his/her students.  The teacher expressing himself/herself in the following manner is engaging in politically incorrect speech:"

From letter #67, "In this village was a “village idiot”.  This person told everyone that they were looking at the village idiot.  Guess what gender the person was who played the village idiot in this village?  If you didn’t see the movie, but you guessed that a man played the village idiot, then give yourself some points and prepare for the lightning round."

From letter #68, "The fear of weapons is a very real fear for many people.  Some aren’t going to like my solution, but the only way to relieve the fears of these people is to ban ownership of all weapons in America.  Gun control can work!  I’ve heard all the arguments against gun confiscation by a nation’s authorities, but the most persistent argument is “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”"

From letter #69, "Borrowing some song titles from my honky tonk hero Hank Williams, a new Republican is saying, “Move it on over old republican and change what looks like your cold, cold heart.”  Country kicked out “Western” (sorry Marty Robbins) the same way Republicans kicked out conservatives.  “We are all ‘compassionate’ conservatives now (or simply moderates)."

From letter #70, Here is an old European warning that I have Americanized and updated for our time concerning increasing governmental regulation and taxation:

From letter #71, It is a historical fact that Adolph Hitler was a health fanatic himself. The Nazis were the first to ban smoking in public places and especially in Nazi Party premises.

From letter #72, We are so fortunate to have so many socialist national leaders and do-gooders, especially on the local level, making all people care more for some other people; rather than having the liberty and feeling the responsibility of caring for themselves and their family and friends.  What a noble ideal!

From letter #73, You may have run out of, or are too weary to provide, answers to the folks who are charging that the man Jesus of Nazareth was either a liar or a lunatic.  With what you would label as pure evil running rampant in America, you simply don’t understand how your God could have included all these despicable actions and consequences in his master plan for mankind.

From letter #74, Our common ground is that we are all Americans and we strive to understand why we differ in our opinions without trying to convert our fellow Americans by force to our own way of thinking.  We put our trust in persuasion!

From letter #75, What the politicians are trying to find the courage to tell us in a nutshell is that they are fully aware that the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those who vote for a living.  But the inside scoop is that the majority of them don’t see this as a problem!

From letter #76, Don’t we owe our children and our young adults a little more education and exposition on a whole multitude of health threats that we face.  When the young begin to see how naïve and shallow is this mechanism we call “political correctness”, they will naturally begin to question the motives and values of those who focus on a “single threat”, which in effect, can cause us to miss the whole picture.

I've tried to share my thoughts and entertain with a little humor; but most of all I've attempted to set a standard of fairness by strongly taking my positions, while at the same time objectively recognizing counter positions. I've tried to be a voice for quiet ones who share some of my positions, but may lack the confidence to speak out.

I've told the truth as I've seen it. I've given the people the benefit of the doubt.

--Kenneth J. Wolf (09/22/00)

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