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A GREETING from Kenny Wolf

I extend a friendly Welcome to all visitors of this website--"Writings for Chameleons".  The title of my site was inspired by the title of a song by one of my favorite musical artists, Gary Numan,--"Music For Chameleons".  The purpose of this website is to encourage folks to STOP, THINK AND LOVE LIBERTY!  If a visitor is here to read about movies and music, then I greet you as well.  This whole website and all it's contents reflect my thoughts, opinions and interests.  I have tried to make it a one stop website for thinking and entertainment.

Letters to the Editor

This website started out as an archive for the public letters to the editor of our local newspaper, written by me since 1988, which I called CAPTURED THOUGHTS.  Many of these letters are political in nature, favoring the conservative political philosophy, with strong libertarian overtones and with a sympathetic understanding of the populist viewpoint.  I understand liberalism.

Political Poetry

Quite a number of the political letters are written with an objective presentation of the various political philosophies.  A model example would be my POLITICAL POEM.  The "Political Poem" is written in such a style that the political leanings of the author are not known to the reader.  But after a reading of the poem, the reader will likely know which ideological philosophy he or she relates to in his or her own beliefs foundation.

Plan Of God

Quickly, after constructing the initial website, a page on THEOLOGY was added.  On this page, I reprint some of the Christian poems I have written concerning the doctrinal issues of predestination versus free will.  I strongly take the side of free will, but I balance it with my complimentary beliefs that God has a divine plan which cannot be altered by the free will of his creation.  A few letters to the editor elaborate on this apparent dilemma:  letter #51 Predestination concept some accept, some not and letter #60 Why does evil exist?  On this theology page, I profile the Calvinist theologian, Lewis Sperry Chafer, from whom I first studied theology.

Most Influential Writers In My Life

Also on my site, is my HALL OF INFLUENCE.  Here I list, picture and write about the most influential writers in my life.  As I'm reading the beliefs and opinions of others, I would like to know who the men and women are who have had the most influence on their thinking.  This page was added early to my website to be totally up front as to where I am coming from.  Although I do not agree with all these individuals in everything they wrote or said, I have been greatly influenced by the sum total of the entire being of each one of them.


In taking a step in making my personal website more than just a political and theological presentation of ideas, I added my film reviews. One of my greatest loves is watching movies of all genres.  My first film review page was on Horror/Sci-Fi Film Reviews.  At the birth of this site, I was watching a lot of these types of films.  In a few months I added Comedy Film Reviews and systematically included movies I especially enjoy in this area.  Some time ago I put up my Western Film Reviews page and finally got the chance to honor John Wayne on my website.  At the end of February, 2001 I put up my  Musical Film Reviews page.  My fifth and final film reviews page is now up and running as of June 7, 2001.  Check out Action Drama Suspense Film Reviews. Although all these film reviews pages are finished, I'm always maintaining them.

Another series of pages I erected were pages that had to do with music. My personal listing of my own favorite musical artists can be found on my MUSIC PYRAMID page.  The enjoyment of music is very much a part of my being.  On this page, I talk about Gary Numan, who happens to be one of my favorite musical artists. There is also a test to see if the reader can identify musical artists with their songs.  I added a country page to the site with my HANK WILLIAMS page.  It is here that I share my interest in the music of Hank Williams, Sr. and print up other tidbits about country music.  In mid-March 2001, I added an OLDIES, but GOODIES!!! page where I list hundreds of great oldies.  Later in the same month, I added my CLASSICAL MUSIC & OPERA page.  The next music page added early in July was my Jazz Jazz Jazz Jazz Jazz page for Jazz listeners.  The latest music page added in February 2002 is the blues page.

Contrary Opinions
The latest section of my web site is a page I have entitled ONLY ONE PERSON
A collection of contrary opinions bypassing the Plan of the Apes.
Plan of the Apes- Silence Contrary Opinions.

Hyperlinked to this page is a collection of writings by various writers that I find of interest.  These writings are more explicit than my public letters to the editor.  Included in the listing are some writings by me, which had not been publicly shown before this website was put up.  The latest addition are PDF files with business size cards with political statements.  Go to ONLY ONE PERSON.

Frankfort High School Class of 1972 Web Site
It has been my pleasure and honor to create and maintain a web site for my classmates of Frankfort High School Class of 1972.  This was one of the first constructions on this personal web site in February of 2000.  On this portion of the web site are senior pictures, junior high pictures, and grade school pictures.  Also, group pictures of our class reunions and individual pictures from some of the later reunions.

Curt Day Horseshoe Courts Web Site
Frankfort is the home of the Curt Day Horseshoe Courts; the courts of the 3 times horseshoe World Champion Curt Day.  On this site are Curt's complete tournament records, outcomes of games with his opponents over the years, an interview Curt gave to his sone Paul Day, an article printed up in the country's monthly magazine, and many other features of Curt Day and the local pitchers who have pitched on the courts through the years.  This portion of this personal site was constructed in September of 2004 and led to the creation and maintaining of the Indiana Horseshoe Pitchers Association web site, which I later turned over to another editor.  The link to the INHPA web site can be found on the home page of the Curt Day Horseshoe Courts.

Hope you enjoy your visit and return again.
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