Flying Horseshoes
Flying Horseshoes Newsletter
Official publication of the Clinton County Horseshoe Club in Frankfort, Indiana

edited by Kenny Wolf

Issues of our club newsletter Flying Horseshoes are printed on letter size paper (both sides) from a created Microsoft Publisher file for our members.  Issues are reprinted here for the Curt Day Internet web site and the Contents links will send you to the page of each issue.  Some charts are printed at the end of an issue.
CONTENTS of Issues Online

including these articles:  Shoes Scored %; Percent of Shoes Scoring Either a Ringer or One Point; A Few Words Concerning Standings; Close Only Counts in Horseshoes; How Handicaps Are Figured?; Pitching Goals For Most Pitchers; Six Things to Know to Keep Score of Games; Court Safety...Cout Etiquette...

The complete contents of the 2005 issues (10 issues in total) are linked below

Issue #10
After 13 weeks of league pitching . . . Does the Handicap System Work?

Curt Day Club House gets new look

Issue #9
Clinton County Horseshoe Pitchers Club 2005 League Play.  All the content from issue #9 was put up on the Curt Day website on our CURRENT page.

Issue #8
Kenny Wolf's Open Letter Response to Walter Ray Williams, Jr. concerning his comment on my "Theory of Physics and Mathematics of Horseshoe Pitching" page on the Internet

Issue #7
First Curt Day Memorial Tournament Was Very Memorable Event

Issue #6
How to Know Which Turn is Right For You

Issue #5
Good Horseshoe Pitching Habits, A Good Attitude, and How to Get the Most Enjoyment Out of Your Efforts On the Courts

Issue #4
Keeping Score on League Night with “Count All Points” and keeping Score in a “Cancellation” Game using a famous 1957 game scoresheet between Curt Day and Ted Allen

Issue #3
Ringer Percentage – Close Shoes – Points Average Relationship Chart, report on the Kokomo horseshoe pitching club and an update from President Sam Payne.

Issue #2
Horseshoe Pitching Handicaps:  What Are They, How Are They Figured  and How Do They Work?

Issue #1
Horseshoe's Center of Gravity & How to Pitch More Ringers

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