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Grade School pictures: I'm happy to report that we are over half-way there in getting all the grade school pictures up.  We last added South Side 1st grade and the other 5th grade.  All the Woodside pictures are up. Out there somewhere in the hands of other classmates would be at least 5 more Lincoln group pictures, 2 more Kyger group pictures, 3 more Riley group pictures and 5 more South Side group pictures of the class of 1972 (K thru 6).  In all, there should be at least 15 more group pictures out there, which in total would cover all five grade schools (two groups for each grade K-6) completely.

    If you have group pictures of the class of '72 you would like to see on this site, do not mail them, as they could be lost in the mail.  These pictures are priceless and more valuable to us than our diplomas! They are not things to be loaned. If they are scanned in as jpgs ("j pegs") and given to me on diskette, they can be added to this page.  You can E-mail the jpgs to me as E-mail attachments as long as you are sure they are no larger than 250 to 300 KB in size. If the picture does not have the name of the school, grade and teacher, then you will have to identify each picture in your E-mail. All this information should be on your pictures. When you have them scanned --don't crop it off!

    ***I would be happy to scan your pictures in my scanner while you sit behind me on the couch keeping your eyes on your pictures.  In other words, it can be done without you letting them out of your sight.  Just E-mail me and we can arrange a time to scan them in. ***

This gets a little technical . . . for 3 paragraphs

    I use a 150 resolution setting on a Mustek 600 CP Scanner. If you have settings on your scanner, please use 150 resolution (150 pixels per inch) so the pictures will be uniform in size. The size of the jpg pictures up above range anywhere from 120 KB to 240 KB on the average (the color class reunion pictures are around 240 KB).  Much bigger than that and they become bulky to load in and work with. They appear about twice the size of the originals on the screen when scanned on my scanner and they scan in as BMP (Window Bitmap) files. BMP files are richer in texture than jpgs (which are compressed files). Don't worry that they may scan in dark and blurry. They will probably scan in as BMP files at the size of about 700 to 900 KB. If you can lighten them up and sharpen the focus yourself (use preview and undo features until you are satisfied with the image on your screen), before saving them as jpgs, go ahead and try it.

    If you are not sure how to touch up the picture to make it easier to see, then save "each picture to a separate diskette" as a BMP, a diskette will hold up to 1.44 MB or about 1,400 KB of memory and get the diskettes to me. I will then take the BMPs off of your diskettes and touch them up making them lighter and more focused and then I will save them as jpgs on my computer to be used on the Web site. As an experiment, I tried saving a BMP picture as a jpg and then opening it up and making the jpg lighter and sharper, only to find out that it is not as clear as one I touched up as a BMP first before saving it as a jpg. Once a BMP is compressed as a jpg, some of the ability to improve its appearance is lost.

    Ideally, if you can improve the appearance of the photos before converting them from BMPs to saving them as jpgs, go ahead. I would rather not receive 900 KB BMP attachments with E-mail, but I don't mind taking them off of diskettes you save them to. If you are able to touch up your BMP images and then save them on your computer as jpgs, then send your jpg attachments to Wolf email address.

    Don't feel bad if you don't follow all of this.  Two or three years ago, I wouldn't have understood any of what I just said, myself. Have someone read this who works with images on computers and they will probably know what I just said. A lot of trial and error is the best teacher.

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