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For the classmates of Frankfort Senior High School Class of 1972
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45th Class Reunion in 2017

Emails or mail, of the ticket price and schedule listed below will be sent to those who have given us their contact information
Link to PDF file of following Ticket-Schedule letter

Ticket Price and Reunion Weekend Schedule 
September 21 message:
Dear Classmates, 

Please purchase tickets soon for the class reunion.  We need a count for the caterer by October 14 (we are asking for payments to be in a little earlier by October 7 with October 14 the latest).  There have been a few people contact me who wanted to buy tickets at the  door.  Please understand that there will be a VERY LIMITED number of tickets available the night of the reunion.  To guarantee a meal it would be best to purchase tickets by October 14.    The menu will be finalized next week and we will post it on Facebook and email it to you.    We are planning a great weekend and hope to see everyone there! 

The Class of 1972 Reunion Committee
Debbie Brammell Rawlings 

The reunion plans are finalized and it is time to purchase your tickets. Ticket cost is $35.00 per person for the main event at Arborwood on Saturday, October 28.  Please reserve your attendance by sending money for your tickets to our reunion committee treasurer: 

Frankfort Class of 1972
c/o Jenny Slipher Neal
4515 E. State Road 38
Kirklin, Indiana 46050

We will hold your reservations at the door at Arborwood that evening.  We are asking that tickets are purchased by October 7, 2017 so that we can finalize plans for the meal. 

Friday, October 27- meet and greet at Old Stoney, 301 E. Clinton St., Frankfort IN
6:30-9:00pm.  Bruno's pizza and soft drinks provided.  Donations will gladly be accepted.
Mix with old friends and familiar faces.

Saturday, October 28- Morning: Golf available weather permitting.  If interested in
playing golf please contact Joyce Brooks Boling at

Afternoon: Tours of Frankfort High School
Meet at the high school at 1:00pm for a tour led by Bud and Julie McQuade. 

Evening: Main Event 6:00-11:00pm
Reserve your tickets today, $35.00 per person
ARBORWOOD (former Country Club) 100 Golf Preserve Lane, Frankfort, IN 46041

6:00-6:45 Cash bar and Hors D'oeurves
7:00 Buffet meal
7:00-11:00 pm entertainment, 

We are expecting a large turnout for this reunion based on the responses we have had. The reunion committee has worked hard to put together a wonderful weekend for you. The dress is casual and the price is reasonable because we have had many generous donations from classmates.

We have also had donations given to us to be used for anyone who is unable to purchase tickets. Please let any reunion committee member know confidentially if you need to access those donations. 

We look forward to seeing everyone October 27 and 28! 

REUNION COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Debbie Brammell Rawlings-co chairman, Susan Clark Calloway -co chairman, Julie Sanders McQuade-secretary, Jenny Slipher Neal-treasurer, Marc Hodges, Cindy Galeener Warren, Dawn Thompson Wilson, Joe Ray, Raymond Winter, Karla Gorman Laughner, Mary Quick Ennes, Gary Mellady, Joyce Brooks Boling, & Kenny Wolf class web site editor

Link to PDF file of above Ticket-Schedule letter

July 22nd Questions asked by Gary Mellady
some fun questions
CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE to show a JPEG image of some questions that our Master of Ceremony Gary Mellady would like to have answered by classmates to help him on the night of the reunion gathering.

June 28 message to classmates

Dear Classmates,


The more classmates anticipated to attend, the lower the amount that can be set on the ticket prices for the Saturday Arborwood evening.

The questionnaire is still available on this page below

45th Class Reunion in 2017
The questionnaire is listed below in different formats, a PDF file of class of 1972 reunion cards are linked below which can be printed out and passed onto or emailed to classmates that possibly only you know how to reach.  Our goal is to just reach as many of our classmates as possible with details of the upcoming class reunion.  Thank you for your efforts to help us achieve this goal.
Open link for PDF file of the following form (opens with Adobe Reader if saved on computer)

Open link for TXT file of the following form (opens with notepad if saved on computer)

Dear Classmate,

Please complete the following questionnaire and send by June 30, 2017

To:  Frankfort Class of 1972
       c/o Jenny Neal
       4515 E. State Road 38
       Kirklin, IN  46050

A reunion book will be compiled and available on October 28th with whatever contact information and memories you would like to have printed in the reunion book.

Name: ___________________________________________



Phone: ___________________________

Email: ____________________________

Marital Status: _____________________
(Please write on back if you need more space for the following questions)

What have you been doing the last 45 years?____________________________________


What is your favorite FHS memory?_____________________________________________

Who was your favorite FHS teacher?____________________________________________

Attend the 45th Reunion (circle one choice below):

1)Plan to attend        2)Likely to attend        3)not likely to attend

DONATIONS:  We have formed a reunion committee and are working hard at planning our 45th reunion and looking beyond to the big 50 in 2022.  With this in mind, our committee has started an account to help offset the expenses of this reunion and save for our 50th.  We would be grateful for any size donation from class members to help our fund grow.  If you would like to donate please send checks to our reunion treasurer Jenny Neal (address listed above).  Please make out your donation check to:  Frankfort Class of 1972.

CLASS WEB SITE:  If you have not yet registered your contact info at the class web site, then please do so as soon as possible.  The internet address is: or simply go to and click on the “class of 1972” link.  If you don’t have Internet access, then we can get your contact information from Jenny Neal, when she receives your questionnaire.

Thank you.
REUNION COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Debbie Brammell Rawlings-co chairman, Susan Clark Calloway-co chairman, Julie Sanders McQuade-secretary, Jenny Slipher Neal-treasurer, Marc Hodges, Cindy Galeener Warren, Dawn Thompson Wilson, Joe Ray, Raymond Winter, Karla Gorman Laughner, Mary Quick Ennes, Gary Mellady, Joyce Brooks Boling, & Kenny Wolf class web site editor

At the beginning of this questionnaire are two files:  PDF which is opened with Adobe Reader (on most computers) and a TXT file which is opened with Notepad (on all computers).  The content of these two files is printed above on this web page.  If you have a printer, please print out one of the attached files and mail to Jenny Neal (address above).  If you cannot print out one of these format forms, type out each of the questions and your answers in a fresh email and email to and we will include what you answer in the 45th Reunion book.  Please be sure to read the entire questionnaire and the additional following text.  Thank you and in hoping to see you all on Saturday, October 28 at Arborwood and Friday, October 27 at whatever functions the committee arranges.  I remain, yours truly Kenny Wolf - class web site editor.

  1.) As per request from the committee, this web site will provide information as this process proceeds.
2.) We cannot be sure that each of you know about the 45th Class Reunion unless you email this web site with your contact information.  The web site email address is  As contact information is received, it will be kept confidential (it will not be posted on the class website or given to other classmates without your permission).  Only classmates on the committee will have your contact information.
3.) As contact information is received for each classmate, this web site will show the name of the classmate on this page with the color green, so other classmates will know that we have contact information for that classmate.  Any names listed with the color red will be classmates that we are still waiting to hear from.  If you email, please type class of 1972 in the subject of your email, then make sure you receive a response from me, so you know that I have your contact information.
4.) Listed below with the color green are classmates in the contact data base so far.  Those listed with color blue know of the reunion and the class web site, but we do not yet have contact information. --Thank you, Kenny Wolf
Click on this link or the card below to see PDF file
of 45th Reunion cards to pass out to classmates at 8 cards per sheet

Classmates in the contact info data base
Color Count as of 8/23/17
149 classmates green received contact information
36 classmates blue know about reunion and web site
52 classmates red have not yet been contacted
Aari, Soili Anneli (exchange student)
Abbott, David
Abston (Abbott), Gail
Adcock, Stephen
Albano, Andy
Albitz (Shaff), Becky
Alexander, Tom
Allen, Brenda
Anderson, Fran Elizabeth Woolfington
Anderson, Jeri
Applegate, Janet
Babb, Karen
Badger, Richard
Baer (Monsees), Cherie
Baker, Brad
Baker, Eddie
Baldwin, Virginia
Bales (Kirkendale), Pam
Ball, Dale
Beach, Lynn
Bennett, Dean
Bewsey, Jeff
Blann, Richard
Blickenstaff, Steve
Bolinger, Dennis
Boots, Greg
Boultbee, Jan
Bowen, Joe
Brammell (Rawlings), Debbie
Brooks (Boling), Joyce
Bushman (Pendleton), Janice
Cambridge, Steve
Campos, Nubia (exchange student)
Carrico, George
Chasteen, Paul
Cheek, Ann
Chenoweth, Joyce
Clark (Adair), Cheryl
Clark, James
Clark (Calloway), Susan
Clay, Wanda
Clayton, Daniel
Clendenning, Jr. Eldo (Ed)
Click, Tom
Clinger, Jennifer
Conklin, Kenneth
Conkright, Gary
Conner, Sam
Cooper (Dieterle), Debra
Cooper (Riley), Cathy
Cortez, Maria
Creasy, Paul
Crews, Robert
Crum (Hodges), Judy
Curnutt, Timothy
Daily (Myers), Donna
Davis, Andy
Daywitt, Patricia
DeLaCroix, Paul
Denniston, Diane
Denham, Carole
Dixon (Lutz), Richelle
Donoho, Debra
Douglass, Steven
Duarte, Denise (exchange student)
Eldridge, Bill
Eller, Martha
Elliott, Jim
Emans (Williams), Mary
Evans, Ronald
Evans, Phil
Fairburn (Remaly), Dania Ann
Faucett, Katie
Ferguson (Kemper), Jerra
Fitz Henry, Pam
Flynn, Gail
Flood, Terry
Ford (Wilson), Deb
Foust, Daphne Editha Henderson
Frey, Mike
Galeener (Warren), Cindy
Gillum, Kirk
Glendenning, Diana Jo Beard
Goar, Bob
Golder (Cox), Debbie
Good (Winger), Debra
Gorman (Laughner), Karla
Gossard, Bruce
Graves, Rodger
Greeno, Robert
Gregg, Connie
Griffis, Daniel
Grinstead, Carolyn
Grove, Sam
Hall, Michael
Handley (Fortinberry), Sheree
Hardesty, Joseph
Hardesty, Troy
Harrison, Carol Carlson
Helm, Herb
Hemmerling, Fred
Hendren, Brenda
Henry, Lora
Hernandez, Dora
Hibbard, Dennis
Hitch, Janet
Hizer, Jane
Hollen (Burgess), Ruth
Hodges, Marc
Holliger, Jim
Howard, Dan
Howe, Charles (Chuck)
Howe, Larry
Howe, Marilee
Huffer (Proctor), Dixie
Jacobs, Byron
Jenkins, Karen
Johnson, Scott
Kanatzer, Jack
Kanatzer, Karen
Keeney, Steve * PMA
Kerby, Bruce
Kerby, Mark
Kern, Stephen
Kingery (Hamilton), Carol
Kinslow (Werner), Jane
Lawson, James
Lee (Cash), Cheryl
Lemke (Dalton), Joyce
Lipp, Linda
Lister (Winger), Julie
Lorris (Raffetto), Carole
Lovejoy, Rev. Owen
McCallister, Larry
McCollum (Geary), Vicki
McKinney (Mann), Kayla
McKinney (Robertson), Pam
McQueen, Rusty
Maish (Woodruff), Vicky
Major (Ballard), Vicki
Mann, Tony
Marks, Atarah
Martin, Linda Carroll
Martinez, Magdalena
Massey (Bray), Dawn
Mellady, Gary
Metzger, Rev. Harry
Michael, Pamela
Michael, Steven
Mihay (Bartley), Pam
Mills, Rebecca
Milnes, Jeffrey
Marshall Miner
Mithun, Ricky
Moore, Cynthia
Moore, Garry
Moore, Jeffrey
Morrison, Tom
Moyer, Peter
Myers, Janet
Myers, Kevin
Myers (Padron), Vicki
Ottinger, Gary
Patchett, David
Pattee (Randel), Carol
Pedigo, Myron (Pete)
Peper (Betts), Rita
Perkins, Dick
Pillion (Holliger), Barbara
Pippenger, Steve
Pitman (Johnson), Kathryn
Pitman, Michael
Pitts, Kathy
Plunkitt (Russell), Marcia
Pogue (Wolf), Denise
Price (Butler), Paula
Prickett, Marvin Gene
Quick (Ennes), Mary
Randel, Daniel
Randolph, Mark
Ray, Joe
Redington, Eileen
Reed, Mary Walters
Rice, John
Robertson (Slavens), Jennifer
Ross, Bill
Sanders (McQuade), Julia
Scallan (Soder), Linda
Schimmel, Tonia
Schultz, Ed
Schutter, Leslie
Shirar, Lynn
Skaggs, Connie
Slavens, Douglas
Slipher (Neal), Jenny
Smith, Jeffrey
Smith, Michael
Smith, Steve
Snodgrass, Stewart
Snyder (McNew), Theresa
Spray (McKeithan), Sarah
Steiner, Kris
Steinmetz (Honeycutt), Susan
Stokes, Danny
Street (Edmonds), Nancy
Sutton, (Graper), Susan
Taylor (Cote), Joyce
Teeguarden, Stephen
Thompson (Wilson), Dawn
Toney, Charles (Chuck)
Toney (Willard), Wanda
Tucker, Janet
Van Geest, Joke Pieternella (exchange student)
Van Kirk, John
Ward, Sharon
Warren, Patrick
Watkins (Frye), Marty
Weatherwax, Mark
Weber, Karen
Wetzel (Stowe), Carla
Williams, Pamela
Wills (Harrison), Laurie
Wills, Roger
Wilson, Elizabeth Faye (Libby)
Winger (Dial), Pamela
Winter, Raymond
Winters, Robert
Wolf, Kenny
Wolfe, Palmer Ray
Woodruff, Gary
Woolfington (Lanum), Fran Elizabeth
Woods, Jeff
Woods (Chittick), Linda
Young (Schmitter), Cindy
Young, Michael
Young, Sandra Louise
Zerfas, William (Bill)
 Click on this link or the card below to see PDF file
of 45th Reunion cards to pass out to classmates at 8 cards per sheet

If you know a classmate with the color red, please have them contact us.
Those listed with color blue know of the reunion and the class web site,
but we do not yet have contact information
If the classmate is with the color green, they are in the data base and good to go

NEW **Kyger Patrol Boys 1964** NEW

Lincoln Patrol Boys

Mrs. Daniels 3rd Grade Kyger Class

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In Remembrance
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Frankfort Senior High School

Brick outside of Case Arena
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Steve Cambridge and his Two Years Tour in the Peace Corps
Click on above link or picture to read article by Linda Lipp

40th Class Reunion
July 27 & 28, 2012
40th Reunion Pageis UP AND RUNNING
Gary Woodruff has given us the group picture
39 other pictures of this gala event are linked near the bottom of 40th Reunion page
Don't miss Gary's picture of the Karla Gorman Laughner Memorial display of our classmates who have passed on, plus Karla found past obituaries on our departed classmates.
We would still love to have your pictures to post on the page


A gathering was held Saturday, July 27, 2013.  Erick F. Dircks produced a video of the pictures and his video is posted on youtube.  Use the following link:
If this link does not bring up the video, then simply type in search at for:  frankfort class of 72.  That search should bring up the video of the pictures of the event.  The video is very professionally done.  Nice job Eric!
Open link below to view group picture
tpa park group picture 07/27/13

tpa park group picture 07/26/14
new group picture at TPA Park


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