Frankfort Class of 1972

40th Class Reunion
July 27 & 28, 2012 Weekend

40th Reunion Page is UP AND RUNNING
Gary Woodruff has given us the group picture which is posted below
39 other pictures of this gala event are linked near the bottom of this page.
Don't miss Gary's picture of the Karla Gorman Memorial display of our classmates who have passed on.

If you have pictures, please email them to me as JPG images if possible. Due to the size of pictures (I only have dial up at home), please send them between 7am to 4pm on Monday through Thursday.  You may also send them after 10pm, Sunday night through Wednesday night and I will receive them at the office in the morning with my high speed internet connection.  We would love to have copies of all the pictures that were taken at the 40th reunion.  You may have taken some classmates who hid from Gary's camera.
wolf email address

The 40th reunion drew about 76 classmates and we all seemed to have a good time.  We wish some of you who could not make it had been there.

On a sad note, Jerry Howe passed away Monday, August 6, 2012.
He was hoping to attend the 40th Reunion event when he came down with a high fever from his fight with cancer and was not able to attend.  The obituary is posted on the remembrance page.

Read Richelle's final note to the class of 1972

Classmates attending 40th Reunion
P = at Pepes only Friday night   M = at Moose only Saturday night
(Let me know if you were there and I missed you or speeeled your name incorrectly)

Jeri Anderson
Janet Applegate P
Richard Badger
Cherie Baer M
Wanda Toney Blackburn
Steve Blickenstaff
Deborah Brammel
Joyce Brooks
Steve Cambridge M
Cheryl Clark
Tom Click M
Eldo Clendenning M
Cathy Cooper M
Paul Creasy
Judy Crum
Paul DeLaCroix M
Diane Denniston P
Richelle Dixon
Mary Emans M
Phil Evans
Jerra Ferguson
Sarah Spray Fisher P
Terry Flood
Mike Frye
Cindy Galeener
Bob Goar
Karla Gorman
Danny Griffis
Carolyn Grinstead
Herb Helm
Lora Henry
Jane Hizer M
Marc Hodges
Jim Holliger
Joyce Houchens
Dan Howard
Larry Howe M
Marilee Howe M
Dixie Huffer
Steve Keeney
Jane Ann Kenslow
Bruce Kirby M
Joyce Lemke M
Linda Lipp M
Carole Lorris M
Owen Lovejoy M
Dawn Massey M
Kayla McKinney
Pam McKinney
Harry Metzger P
Janet Meyers
Becky Mills M
Marshall Miner
Rita Peper
Denise Pogue
Paula Pope
Joe Ray
John Rice
Bill Ross
Jenny Slipher M
Steve Smith
Theresa Snyder
Kris Steiner P
Dan Stokes
Joyce Taylor
Janet Tucker
Marty Watkins M
Vickie Wells
Carla Wetzel
Laurie Wills
Roger Wills
Raymond Winters
Kenny Wolf
Gary Woodruff
Cynthia Young
Pat Warren (by visual phone) M

Gary Woodruff was good enough to take our group pictures and some other pictures that are linked below.  The lighting was not up to a photograper's desire, but I think Gary did a very good job with the evironment he was given and we all owe him a BIG THANK YOU for taking time out from his enjoyment of the gathering to give us some pictures capturing the moments of our 40th class reunion.
Frankfort Indiana Class of 1972
40th Reunion Group Picture at the Moose Lodge

4x6 ratio group pic 40th reunion
Click on this link or the picture above to bring up the full resolution group picture with a 4 X 6 ratio for printing

left portion of the group picture center portion of the group picture right portion of the group picture
click to view left portion larger click to view center portion larger click to view right portion larger

The above pictures, in their larger image, are half the size of the full resolution 4 X 6 group picture above them, shown here for viewing on your computer screen.
cropped group picture

Click on this link or the picture above if you would like to bring up the ceiling/tables cropped out picture that Gary edited.

The 39 cropped pictures from the Woodruff collection
(please take the time to send us your pictures)
Marc Hodges and his associates at ACCS make this web site possible!
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Size and Resolution of the above Pictures

Gary's professional camera took very high resolution pictures, while I cropped many and reduced the over all size of most of the pictures for this web site (to 30% or 40% of original size in most cases) for viewing purposes only.  As with some of the pictures I have put up in the past, there will be some with their 144" T.V. screens,  hooked into their computers, who will wish that I had put up the full resolution of nearly 200 MB of pictures from Gary's originals that I have in my computer.  (Some may even have old drive in movie screens that they purchased for a song and wish they could show them outdoors to their neighbors).
It ended up that I put up about 49 pictures, including the full size of the class group pictures and the full size memorial display picture and still used up nearly 9 MB of additional memory on the web site.  77% of my web site memory is used for class files for the class of 1972.  Only 23% of my web site has my letters to the editor and my section on the horseshoe pitching career of Curt Day and the courts named after him.

I hope everyone understands that I have had to make decisions to keep the presentation of this web site somewhat lean.  I guess we are fortunate that the president of my web site service provider was also the president of our class.  Thanks to Marc Hodges for his hosting of the Frankfort Class of 1972 web site.  I hope everyone enjoys the trip down memory lane.  And thank you to those who have expressed their appreciation of my efforts to establish and keep this web site active. logo
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richelle lutz Just a little Note to you ALL thanking you for the wonderful turnout of our 40th Class Reunion.
All the phonecalls and the Facebook in the world could have not done ANY good had YOU the Classmates decided to send in your money and come to these two fantastic nights of re-visiting our past and reconnecting FOR our Futures!  As I said in my little letter to you ALL.  You are ALL special to me,  and I count it an Honor to be your Host for each and every Reunion!
See you ALL in 5 Years!!
40th Class Reunion

July 27 & 28, 2012
--information received from Richelle Lutz

July 27, 2012
Meet and Greet Pepes Mexican Restaurant 7:00pm - ?
July 28, 2012
Invitation Only Dinner Moose Lodge Cash Bar
Cocktails 5p.m.
Dinner 6 p.m.
Cost will be $20 per person; Please send your "cash or money order" to:
Joyce Boling
3516 Franklin Drive
Auburn, In. 46706

(posted by Joyce Brooks Boling on June 11th)
I have made arrangements for some people to golf on Saturday morning before the reunion at the Country club there in Frankfort.
If anybody or spouses with our class would like to golf, have them please contact me. At this time there is room for eight more people and we could probably add more if there is an interest. The cost is $35.00.
My e-mail is: or I can be found on facebook.  Joyce Brooks Boling.

If you WOULD have graduated with the class of 72, DID graduate with the Class of 72, or of course your significant other, you are thoroughly welcome.  It is the consensus of the committee of this reunion to keep the Dinner Intimate and "only" for our classmates.  After you send your monies to Joyce you will receive an invitation in the mail to present the night of the Dinner.  We just wanted to make this night a bit more special.  Entertainment will be a D.J playing all 60's and 70's.  AS NO ONE knows EVERYONE'S emails.  Please pass the word!
Thank you,
Richelle Lutz

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