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35 Years Reunion
Message written 08/07/07

Dear Classmates & friends,
    If you were one of the 43 classmates who attended the 35th Reunion, then I want to thank you for being there.  We missed all of you who knew about it, but did not attend.  We really missed those who did not know about it, but would have attended if they had known.
    This is the time for planning the BIG 40th Reunion.  We need to update our email addresses for classmates.  Email me whenever you change email addresses.  Nearly half of the emails we sent out came back undeliverable and we did not do a post office mailing for this reunion.  I was hoping that the presence of this class web site would be enough, but I heard from several that not everyone gets on the internet!  My other hope was that every classmate would check the web site as we neared late July and August of 2007, even if they had to have a friend or relative bring up the site on a library computer or someone else's computer.  My hopes may have been too much.  I apologize for not hiring Pinkerton detectives to seek out and find each and every one of you and let you know about our gatherings.
    At this time, I would like to invite anyone who would enjoy this research work of accumulating all contact info for future reunions.  A lot of work went into this one by Richelle.  And Sarah Spray Lamm's memorial service, delivered by Richelle, was very touching.  I took some pictures, we have some pictures taken by Diana Beard Glendenning (the class group photo on the home page was one) Gary Woodruff took pictures at the picnic in the park, and we look forward to getting the pictures of Rusty McQueen at the American Legion.  Hopefully we will get some more pictures from some others who had cameras at these two events.
    I told the classmates on Friday night that we would not have had a 35th class reunion if not for the efforts of Richelle Dixon Lutz.  If some of the classmates who attended want to see a turnout similar to the 20th, 25th and 30th, then now is the time to step forward with ideas and elbow grease.  Keep in mind that there were several that we know of who knew about the 35th reunion, but either had previous plans or simply did not feel like attending and sharing themselves with the rest of us.  They will always be 1972 Frankfort Senior High School classmates and as I say on the remembrance page "We were all there together".  Please plan to gather with those who remain living when we celebrate our 40th class reunion.
    I appreciate the compliments on this web site.  More could be done, if some classmates put forward requests.  But the photos alone are worth the free price of admission when visiting this site.  I owe a word of thanks to so many classmates for providing pictures and information.

Best Regards,
Kenny Wolf

Announcing:  kennywolf.accs.net
Message written 08/06/15

Dear Classmates & friends,
     In an effort to make it easier for classmates and visitors to remember how to find the Frankfort Class of 1972 Website and to tell others how to find it and to eliminate the need to bookmark the address, from accs.net, I have acquired the Domain Name:  kennywolf.accs.net.  Our host, ACCS has worked it out so the address kennywolf.accs.net brings up my HOME Page. From there, all sections of my website on ACCS.net are linked; including the Class of 1972 site.

     Note, all the links on the kennywolf.accs.net page lead to the ACCS addressed pages.  This gateway page was created by me just to help get folks started into the ACCS hosted website and to make it easier for classmates to tell others how to explore it.

     Now, if you can remember my name and accs.net, you can find the Frankfort Class of 1972 Website from any computer in the world and you can tell others how to find it without reading it to them from a piece of paper or from your computers.  Delete all those bookmarks to the Class of 72 site.  They are not needed any longer!

Best regards,

30th Reunion of the
Frankfort Senior High School
Class of 1972
Message written 08/02/02

1972 Classmates,
    The 30th Reunion of the Frankfort Class of 1972 is over.  Our class website is still active with pictures of the weekend event as well as a list of those who were able to attend.  For those classmates who were able to make this reunion, we had a great time.  Thanks to each of you for your radiance.  For those who were not able to make it, we missed each of you.  Wishing you all the best.  Check out some of the pictures from this reunion on the 30th Reunion page.

accs.net & my personal website links
Message written 08/02/02

    At the bottom of each of the major links pages of this "Class of 1972" site (with the exception of the "Remembrance" page and the "Contact Carol" page) is a link to accs.net, the host of this website.  A BIG THANK YOU to Marc Hodges and the folks at accs.net for hosting the "Frankfort Hot Dogs Class of 1972" website!  Posting my links to your excellent website is my way--no, OUR WAY--of thanking all of you!

Welcome Hot Dogs Class of 1972!

An addition I started developing in February, 2000, is the CLASS OF 1972 section of my site.  This portion of my site is dedicated to the living and deceased classmates of the Frankfort Senior High School Class of 1972, .  It is a place for old Hot Dogs to journey back into the past and enjoy looking at pictures of our classmates from grade school to high school to class reunions.  This portion of my site was constructed with a lot of care to make it as enjoyable a visit as possible for my fellow classmates.

    I have quite a bit more work ahead of me, showing off our 30th Reunion in pictures.  I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it.  But I can think of several features that would make this portion of my personal website even more enjoyable, but I simply do not have the time to develop all of these ideas.  Maybe someday, a few other classmates will put up personal websites on the "Class of 1972"--I strongly suggest using accs.net to keep everything on the same server--to do some of these other things, and links can be provided here to their sites and links from their sites to this site--there would be no need for duplication--just some thinking out loud here.

    Thank you, each and every one of you, for your continued interest and support for this "Class of 1972" site.  Without your encouragement, I could not dedicate so much time in making it what I think we can all enjoy for years to come.  If the good Lord should take me tomorrow, I know accs will find someone to carry on this work.

Best to all of you,
Kenneth J. Wolf

The "Class of 1972" Web site
Message updated 10/10/01

    This Class of '72 section of this site could grow some more if more pictures become available from the rest of our classmates. At all times, I keep it backed up on two personal computers at two separate locations. This project has been a lot of fun for me and fun for some other helpful classmates. I have done my utmost to make it as attractive and as easy to navigate as possible.
          At this point in time, I believe the majority of our classmates know about this Class of 1972 Web site. The word is spreading. I have received some complimentary Emails and verbal compliments from some of our classmates, for which I am most grateful. Thanks!

The address of this Class of '72 page is
This address can be copied and pasted
in your E-mails to other classmates.


    My main goal is to get all of the grade school group pictures up and identify all the classmates. We also need help in identifying many of the classmates in the grade school group pictures that are up. When you write to ID students, tell me the grade school, the class, the teacher, and their position (from left to right) in the first, second, third or back row. Let me know if you are sure who someone is (using an "!") or tell me you are pretty sure who someone is (using a "?"). If you are not positive, I will post a "?" beside their name.
     If there are some more Frankfort Junior High School Falcons sports pictures, I would also like to get them up. I wanted to create a site that all classmates can enjoy visiting again and again with family and friends.  Anything I put up will belong to all of us. On a time frame, I would like to have it finished before our next class reunion in 2022 (just kidding).

    Hope you enjoy your journey down memory lane!

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